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What is the Safest Form of Travel ?

As day by day traffic is increasing question which becoming more popular that what is the safest form of travel.I think so Airplanes are MUCH safer .
hhhmmmm.. I don't think there is a safe form of travel. Accidents is every where. Of course I think the best way to do is to conduct safe preventive measurements in every travel you will do regardless by Land, Air, or Water.
I love travel so safety is not anywhere because traffic is so much all around...According to me Airplane and boat travel is much better then other traveling ..
I just got disturb by this safety and traffic. Mainly because I cannot get to link what is the connection of the traffic to your personal safety. Could please someone explain?
Let me answer this a bit the funny way:

The safest way to travel is via your finger on a map or terrestrial globe. Or by reading travel blogs or books.

And let me add another more or less funny piece of wisdom: most people die at home or in hospital. So you better go out traveling !

And BTW: Happy New Year to all of you Frihosters out there.
Nice and Informative Post...Its true Travel is not safe anytime in anywhere because some main reasons are happened like more traffic ,driving with drugs and many more reason which are not secure for traveling .seriously i dnt know exactly which is perfect safe form of travel...
Statistically speaking, rail has been the safest mode of travel closely followed by air. You are more likely to get into an accident driving to the airport than become the victim of an aviation catastrophe.
I think each way of travel is safe.In each and every traveling system unusual things it is really very hard to decide which way we chose to travel.But personally i love to travel by train.There is lot of space you can move around and smooth running.
Perhaps percentage wise by plane. Just because it happens so rarely that a plane goes down. I must say I feel quite safe in a train as well. I'd say one has the odds stacked up against one when one is travelling by car.
According to me Flying Is The Safest Way To Travel Not only are airplanes continuously getting safer, they are also the least dangerous way to get to your destination. Everyday activities from walking to driving are still considerably more lethal.
Flying is the safest form of travel:
Each way travel is safest but by Air is more safest in these days because services they provided for keep us safe .
I want to know safest form for travel as well Very Happy
if you only travel by plane, all you will see is airports. yes, there are interesting airports, but there are lots of places worth travelling to, which you can't reach by airplane. well, helicopter, maybe, but that would be way too expensive, i guess.
and if you have enought dough, you still can go anywhere accompanied by your vast security staff. to be really sure, you need to drive in a tank and have some hummers as advance party and some SUVs as rear cover. Make sure you have arial support by helicopters and combat jets, do not forget your surface-to-air-missiles in case of an air-raid...
it depends.. airplane is safer but for my idea and my opinion, i am safer when i am the one driving on my own car.. that is i feel safer.

I also do flights most of my travel i guess praying would be the safest way when you travel everywhere.
The safest form of travel must be going by train!
Yeah We can see that traffic is increasing day by day. People facing the so many problems due to traffic. I think the Underline railway/Metro services are the best solution to overcome the peoblem of traffic.
We can say that every medium of travel is the safe in now a days. If any mishappening occur that will be the bad luck.
Keep your feets om the ground and your money in a very safe place.
Now a days every way is the safest. Bad and good time comes for all. We cant blame to the covenience
Train is the safest mode of travel i think. Less danger in that
I think the safest form of travel might just be walking. If you're referring to other methods of transportation, I think flight or by ship would be safest. Driving is probably one of the most dangerous forms of transportation given the amount of people who die in traffic accidents every year. It seems like flying would be more dangerous, but the amount of deaths due to flying accidents or something else related to aviation is very very low compared to driving. Of course, there is also trains and buses, but those probably have very similar numbers.
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I think flying is the safest form but I love to travel by train.
I think it really depends on the circumstances. For instance, if you're traveling in a rough neighborhood, walking is probably not he safest method of transportation say to transportation in a car. The same would apply to airplanes or boats. Depending on the environment it travels through, there is a better mode of transportation through that particular region based on a number of factors such as terrain, weather, wildlife, and culture.

I personally believe that flying is the safer form of travel in general. However, that also depends on how well maintained the aircraft is and what the weather conditions are like in the regions you travel through. There are number of conditions that would make air travel less favorable for safety than compared to say a train or boat.

In addition, one also would have to consider the amount of time spent during travel. Flying takes much less time than most other forms of transportation if you're traveling a long distance. Generally, the less time spent in transit, the less chance something may go wrong at least in most cases.
Flight is the safest way to travel as it requires less time
Take a break and go for travel Its gieves yoiu fresh energy.its really work try it
I thing train and airline is the best way to safety travel.
The best way to travel safer is by airline as it consume less time and makes destination easier to achieve in an less interval of time.
There is neither any safe form of travelling but i preffer road travelling is safer.
Travelling by air is safer because it consume less time and you can be on time .
Flight is the safest way to travel. Every medium is safe, but its my personal opinion that flight travel is the best as compared to the other medium of the travel. Car and train also safe, but by bus is most dangerous in especially in the hilly areas.
Traveling is best way to change the mood and get experience of other's places .
raubymartin! No doubt about it Travelling is a best source of entertainment and enjoyment. Flights are safest way to travel. Mostly I prefers to this way being a tourist I move around the world corner. I used many ways of travelling but find this one of the safest of all.
I suspect the posters who said trains are safest can probably find some good arguments for that. Assuming no one claims to build another "unsinkable ship", cruise ships might be even safer (Titanic II, anyone?).

In any case, how you go depends on where and at what speed you desire to go. Given enough funds, cruising all the time might be a pretty good life and safe enough -- but what will you do when you want to go ashore for awhile? In the US, passenger trains are now very scarce and/or infrequent, except for some commuter trains. The commuter trains are probably a good choice if you wish to go where they run.

For a real life that includes going to a wide variety of places not in walking distance of an airport or train station, I suggest travelling by car and living dangerously.
oliviafoster01 wrote:
As day by day traffic is increasing question which becoming more popular that what is the safest form of travel.I think so Airplanes are MUCH safer .

Most enjoyable mode of travel will be by ship. I think it is also one of the most safest form of travel.
The safest form of transportation would be walking I think. One of the most dangerous is traveling by car. I know airplanes have been in the news so far, but I think that's still one of the more safer forms of travel because the pilots go through so much training and licensing instead of driving which has much more lenient forms of training and certification.

The boats are pretty safe too, because in the event of something bad, you can get into a lifeboat or something similar. It's safer than being in the road or in the air.
These days safest way to travel is on foot. Everything else is risky !! Flying is worst way to travel I guess since these planes crashes are so frequent.
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