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The New Years equal new work

As the new years roll in, I've gotten employed as manager of Avastyles, a web design and theming group, and I've started my own brand called F.M (I'll release the name when the website is launched) this all came quick as the New Years rolled in and I should start to see some extra cash in my pocket.

Does anyone else find themselves with any changes with work or a new job?
Well done with your new work for the new year, I wish you the best of luck with it Smile
I'm self-employed general construction/property maintenance and am starting on a new project converting an old former school house into 3 houses in the next few days. Looking forward to it.

Today was the start of a clean out and redecoration/repair on a rented house which the tenant did a runner from over Christmas. Will take another day or so of work. The missing tenant had allowed her dog to mess inside many many times, all over, and blocked/overflowed the drains with nappy's/diapers, so today's deep clean/unblocking was particularly unpleasant!

I'm charging a decent rate for this job though so it didn't really bother me, I was more concerned that this woman actually had a child living in such squalid conditions. The landlord agreed and emailed photo's to child protection to make sure this child/mother is getting whatever assistance may be needed for her well being - He was genuinely more concerned about that than the 1000's in unpaid rent and repair costs.
I was also a bit sad at the thought of a woman doing a runner with her child while obviously not even being able to cope in what was a nice house when she moved in 6 months ago. If she'd spoken to the landlord he actually would have helped find a way for her to continue living there. I hope the woman and child have a happier new year than it must have ended for them.
@OP - congratulations on the new work.

@watersoul - Darn shame that woman won't take care of anything. Hopefully someone can get the child out of those conditions.
Same old same for me. Holding 3 jobs and going to school not to mention my volunteer time at the firehouse. So pretty much busy busy and more busy for me.

Roylan good luck with the new job.

Watersoul that sucks no child should have to undergo bad conditions especially when there are people out there that are willing to help.
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