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Negative ions hair dryer?

I am thinking about buying new hair dryer.
The salesman said the negative ions hair dryer will be better for my hair.

Friends of mine also say it helps a lot.

I look up the article on the Internet, too.
It says "An ionic dryer helps to break down water molecules which allow hair to dry faster,
but also allows moisture to penetrate deeper so that you dry your hair but still maintain the moisture on the inside.",
and "Ions also help to neutralize positive charged ions in your hair,
therefore restoring shine and helping hair to feel very conditioned."

However, the prices of the negative ions hair dryers differ.
Some cheap ones only charge for 30 USD, and the most expensive one needs 150 USD.
Does anyone know is there any comparing articles or research reports to analyze the effect of these negative ions hair dryers?
I want to buy a negative ions hair dryer, but I want to buy one with good C/P value.

You might try Consumer Reports, which you will probably need to pay for unless you can find it at your library. I can't think of any other source of information that is anywhere near unbiased.

Wikipedia and WebMD are likely to have some information about negative ions in general, and Q/A sites like might be of some help. Try to evaluate the bias and find some sort of balance between pro and anti sites if you can.

The US government probably evaluates some characteristics of these dryers and can tell you what standard rating information has proven to be reliable. At the least they will probably say something about how to determine quantitatively how many ions are produced. You might try including in a DuckDuckGo or Google search to get their views.
I tried many ways to find any testing reports, but it's in vain.
Maybe I will just trust the production description,
and buy the one produces most ions per seconds.
I find it really useful.
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