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What keyboard do you use?

What keyboard do you use?

Is the keyboard durable?
Since my desktop computer died I use my laptop with build in keyboard. It was bought second hand from some dude that bought it abroad so the keys are both US and Thai. I have a key combination to toggle between US and Swedish keyboard layouts. I use the US layout most of the time because I prefer to be able to see where the keys are on the keyboard but I have to use the Swedish keyboard layout when typing text in Swedish.
I had a really nice keyboard on my laptop. But I spilled warm milk on it, and now several keys don't work. So, I've bought myself a nice USB keyboard that's very comfortable to type on, which is pretty important, because I do some freelance writing and wouldn't be able to get anything done without a good keyboard.
I have a Logitech G15 Rev. 2. What can I say, it's loaded to no end with features (backlight, media controls, gaming macro keys, USB hub, and most notably a dot matrix LCD that can display a number of applets such as a clock, system status, RSS feeds, a stopwatch, weather, music info, and status/leaderboards). It's pretty comfy to type on and, as mentioned, the features are ridiculous. However, it doesn't feel better to type on than any other rubber dome Logitech keyboard. So, you're really not getting an enhanced typing experience for your money. I sometimes wonder if a mechanical keyboard would have been a better choice...but I do use the screen a fair bit, so there's that. A mechanical version of this keyboard, I would imagine, would be quite a hit. As for durability, well, it's nothing remarkable, but nothing about it feels cheap. So I'd say it's a bit above average.
I use a Razer Black Widow Ultimate. It is a very nice keyboard but it sounds like someone dancing with tap shoes when you type.
I used laptop. so i used laptop keyboard. Brand name: HP laptop.
I have a desktop computer.
The keyboard is a Logitech K260.
It is wireless keyboard and it is easy to use because of lack of the connection wire.
Keyboard made from C*****.

Easy to crash, easy to replace as very cheap.
jajarvin wrote:
I have a desktop computer.
The keyboard is a Logitech K260.
It is wireless keyboard and it is easy to use because of lack of the connection wire.

Easy to use when the battery runs out?
Currently i'm using Genious keyboard (a chinese brand i think) but most of the times i use laptop and it is with a built in keyboard.
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