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What is your longest distance swimming?

When I was about 20 years old I used to swim a lot. I think the longest distance than I those days swam was about 3000 meters.

What is your longest distance swimming?
I love to swim! I took swimming classes when I was about eleven. My teacher used to push me really hard and one day he asked me to do 50 pool laps (how am I supposed to say that?). The pool was 25 meters, so I swam 1250 meters in that day. I know it doesn't look like much, but I remember feeling exhausted by the end of the 50th lap.

I may have swan a lot more than that though. There's a dam in my grandfather's farm and I've spent many summers swimming in that place. It's hard to know for certain because I've spent whole days swimming around the dam. I don't know, being around water just makes me really happy. Very Happy
I love swim too, but I don't practice because is much expensive to me now.
But I swimmed in past, 10 pool laps is my maximus, without stop. The pool have ~30m, so... I swimmed 300m without stop.
But, with stops, I've make ~50 pool laps in a lesson, depends of the day. My minimium mark were 40 pool laps with a various types, like crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and a some moments, 1 or two laps of butterfly.
In butterfly I have much difficult, because need much force to obtain a good velocity and I'm sedentary. :X
In future, I wanna back to practice swim, if the money permits.
During my school days, we had a swimming pool with 50 x 100 Metres at our school. It was mandatory for all the students to learn swimming and it was free of cost. Our swimming coach used to tell a nice thing-- See boys, 3/4 th of earth is water. So if you want to survive in this world, you must learn swimming --

When I was at my 10th standard , I could swim the 100 meter 4 times(that is 400 meters in freestyle) at a stretch without any rest. It was really fun.
I did not learn the swimming before but i go one time in a week for swimming to learn. It is really a fun.
I'mnot a very good swimmer.
I think my max distance swimming is 350m.
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