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Multi protocol label switching

To overcome most of the issues related to Traffic Engineering and IP Routing, MPLS is used. It is built by Internet Engineering Task force (IETF) to make the internet scalable, fast, carry heavy traffic, manageable and accept new routing architectures. MPLS uses TE which enables the network operators to reallocate packet flows to gain consistent distribution among different links. Making Network traffic to travel on specific directions permits to take the majority of the network capacity while making it easy to give uniform service levels to the users at the same time.
MPLS is a modern technique for forwarding network data. It broadens routing according to path controlling and packet forwarding. In MPLS packets are used for sending data. These packets are first encapsulated at the ingress points by assigning labels to them and then they are forwarded along with the packets on label switched paths.
MPLS is called Multi protocol because it is applicable to any layer 3 Network Protocol. It connects the connection less IP to the connection oriented networks. It works between layers 2 and layer 3 that why it is called the layer 2.5 Technologies. MPLS is a higher forwarding scheme which extends with the help of path controlling and packet forwarding. Packets in this network are classified at the entry point, rerouted faster and it is easy to construct the explicit routes.
this is scripting and others, not networking.

starting such a topic is risky, especially when you've got only 7 posts and this post looks like a copy paste of another website.

you did mention that the packets are encapsulated and labeled but MPLS is a big topic,
at my last job I have had the chance to work in an MPLS cloud, mostly Frame relay and ATM connections. and I can assure you that this topic deserves more then just a few lines of text.

also, IMO mentioning the OSI in this topic is a must
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