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Robot or not

It's been reported that there's telemarketing company has been using a convincing automated program that made calls and took inbound calls for awhile and repeatedly couldn't respond to questions.

But those who have looked into the technology say the software doesn't exist yet

Do you think it's was a robot?

If you thought a telemarketer was a bot that refused to admit that, what kind of elaborate Turing test would you give it? (A test to determine if you're conversing with a human or not)

I think I'd try one of these.
. Tell it "no hable Inglés" and if it automatically switches to spanish I'd say "I don't speak Spanish" and see how long I can repeat that. If it's a bot multiple languages could have been recorded and it probably wouldn't recognize you were speaking english before or become irritated by the statements.
. ask it the most basic question about what they're selling or a word it said in a question meant, if they're selling insurance quotes it's "What is insurance?" or "What is a quote?" or "What is medicare?" if medicare was mentioned in part of their script.
. ask it if it's able to answer your questions. If it's a human controlling a soundboard like thing they would want to tell you that they aren't able to do that through their soundboard.
. ask it to repeat an off topic sentence/statement you gave it earlier
I just hate all those telemarketing companies. My telephone is my use not for some 'jerk' to interrupt my life. They should be forced to pay each person they call then I would listen to their 'pitch'.
I think it is not important that if it is a robot or a human, they are just wasting our time.

What some group of people are working on it is just a spam box for your telephone, it is very useful and will put numbers in a black list by users experience, so next time you got a telemarketing call that you don't like just write down the number someday these black lists will be published and then everyone will be able to add numbers to it and after that you can import the list to your phone and get rid of any telemarketing call.
It's obviously not a normal human. I think the explanation in the second link makes sense. It's probably a bit too clever with the response selections to be just a bot but to be sure I would like to hear more off topic talk and weird ways of saying stuff that only a human would be able to understand.
Telemarketer sometimes like spammer. They offer something that we don't need. They call without our permission. They spam in the form of telephone calls. I don't know how they have my phone number. I think robotic telemarketer is unacceptable. People should reject this kind of marketing method. Just close the phone or keep the phone online letting the robot talk to nobody.

Sometimes my mobile phone got spam message offering something not important for me. Sometimes they offer their spam service in the sms message. When the sms rate is cheap, sms spammers are growing. What they want is money. Spammer like money.[/b]
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