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How to identify this tennis shoe?

Da Rossa
Hi, I'm not sure this would be the most appropriate area in this forum to ask this, but I have this shoe my mom brought me from NY to Brazil back in '09. Despite weary, it's a very decent gear. For some complex reason some imported apparel are very expensive in this country, so she had to enjoy the opportunity.

I was in the supermarket and thanks to their lack of diligence at ordering the metal carts, a longer-than-average screw riped the side, making it unsusable.

I need to identify the model and approximate value at the time it was purchased. Where can I begin?

*sorry for the upside-down tag.

Thanks Very Happy
Searching the number 354486-001 that is written on the tongue gives the model Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 4. Looks like it's the same shoe except the heel is green but maybe something has fallen off your shoe?
Da Rossa
Hi Peter!
Thanks for your idea.
The heels are green and white: the left shoe is green in the left, white in the inner part, while the right shoe is green in the right, and white in the inner side (left). So I guess nothing has fallen off it.

Looks a lot like this one, except by the color:

Thing is, do you know a reference source where I could estimate the value four years passed, or you guys don't get to care enough for a 4year shoe?

Edit: Thanks, but I got it sorted. The groceries manager agreed to give me in cash the ammount of 1/4 of the shoes. Not exactly what I wanted but I resolved this without litigation Smile
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