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What's the oldest profession in the world?

Some would probably claim a basic constuction trade like stone masonry and justify it by pointing at the Pyraminds.
Others might claim pastimes associated with Religion. For example Scribes who chiseled work onto stone.
What about cavemen who painted on the rocks of their abode.
Was that a profession or a hobby?

Anyway I was walking along a Canadian street recently pondering this and was crossing at the corner of a block in a pretty rough area of town, As I crossed the road there was this fairly young (23?) year old female who came close and pulled the Cigarette from her face.
Do you want to do something?

I replied that I'd better not.

Was this young lady really another member of "the oldest profession in the world"?

I mean I suppose she'd have been asking for a cash injection at some stage anyways?
Man was originally a hunter.
The world's oldest profession is, therefore, hunter.
Anything related to the basic need like food gathering, food hunting, food farming, raw material gathering, clothes production, raw material mining, house production, and many more. The beginning of human civilization have a good culture guided by God. The first human will be die easily if don't have any guide to introduce the world. I don't believe in evolution for human because it's don't have any proof. Human is created in perfect condition by something great, not by a coincidence.
Perfect condition? ROFLMAO.
Do you want a list of our imperfections? It is very long....I'll just give some of the more major screw-ups:
a) Our eyes are a horrible lash-up with a huge blind-spot that our brain has to fill-in, a system which delivers upside down images, which needs more brain power to correct, and blind to 99.9999995% of the electromagnetic spectrum. The eyes that evolved in later creatures are MUCH better - such as the squid and octopus - though they didn't require colour and therefore only evolved monochrome vision, but it has no blind spot and is much better protected. Brains are expensive organs, requiring a huge amount of heat and oxygen. It is mad to waste precious processing power on correcting the crap design of a vision system that could easily have been designed to avoid such requirements.
b) The Vegus nerve carries several crucial signals - breath regulation, heart pacing, digestion/peristalsis, sweating and more. It is sheer insanity to run so many crucial functions through one pathway with zero redundancy, but it gets worse. The damn thing wanders all over the place. Down the side of the face, hooking under the breastbone, back up and around - it is a complete horlicks. The reason? It EVOLVED and evolution doesn't start with a blank-sheet like a designer would, it works with what is already in place. The Vegus nerve of a Giraffe travels up and down that ruddy huge neck for NO REASON other than it evolved from creatures without the neck. No human designer would design such an idiotic lash-up and we are not (yet) divine/omnipotent, so any God that designed it must be an idiot.
c) Our breathing and eating pathways cross-over. This is insane and leads to plenty of people choking to death. Again there is no good reason for this other than it evolved from creatures where it was not such a problem. No designer would put breathing and eating down a shared pipe unless he/she was criminally incompetent.
d) The human birth canal passes straight through the pelvis. DUMB DUMB DUMB. It makes pregnancy difficult and dangerous, with a high natural mortality. The skull of the baby, as it passes through, is massively deformed in many cases, and many babies have heads that will simple not fit - they require caesarian or 'c' section delivery. Again this would be idiotic if is were designed, but we understand exactly WHY it is like it is because we can trace the evolutionary development back through species.
There are LOADS of similar examples, where if we WERE designed then we would be in much better shape. Our bodies are barely adequate - most of them run into major issues before the guarantee period runs out at 3 score and 10 years.

Really dude, you may wish to disbelieve evolution but it really isn't a matter of debate, it is solid fact - it happened, live with it. The only people doubting it are those desperate to cling to some delusional version of biblical literacy....and if you seriously think that fundy clerics can talk sense about issues of biology and molecular genetics then you have WAY too much faith in them I'm afraid. Don't believe the nonsense - do your own reading and check proper sources for yourself. Don't rely on religious leaders and community 'experts' on this - they are almost certainly wrong and often they damn well know it. Use reliable sources, universities, biology institutes - places where professionals who actually DO this stuff can be found. I'll give you some links if you like.
Now this is an interesting topic.

A lot speaks for hunting being the oldest profession in the world.

However according to Wikipedia prostitution has existed in all cultures, going back as early as the Babylonians "where each woman had to reach, once in their lives, the sanctuary of Militta (Aphrodite or Nana/Anahita) and there have sex with a foreigner as a sign of hospitality for a symbolic price."
I am not aware of any evidence that prostitution existed before that.

Here is an interesting picture from a brothel in Pompeji.
The oldest profession is prostitution! atleast if you listen to the jokes... Laughing

well, maybe a hitman could be one of the first professions.
spinout wrote:
The oldest profession is prostitution! atleast if you listen to the jokes... Laughing

well, maybe a hitman could be one of the first professions.

I also was going to reply with that! Very Happy

To be serious, I think gatherer as a profession is even older than being hunter: the latter requires some form of training, while the former can be done without any knowledge at all.
Man first learn hunting. So I think hunter is the oldest profession.

No, our first profession was as a slave race doing mining for gold! We are not hunters, we are half yeti and half E.T.
I'd say making tools was the first profession. Particularly the ones that were used for gathering food, hunting and cooking. Tool making is a skilled job right up to today. It would make sense to me that if someone was really good at being a tool maker during those days, that others would trade to get hold of his tools.
I think it depends on your definition of a profession. If it is something you do to survive than hunting/gathering would probably not suffice. If your definition was a skill used to produce goods for trade than I think flint knapping, or some other form of making goods was probably the first profession.

On Catalina Island of the coast of California (where I lived for a few years) the natives quarried soapstone and paddled it all the way to the mainland and traded it for almost anything they needed because it was the only source for hundreds of miles. They have found Catalina soapstone all over the west coast as bowls, figurines, and other carved things.
coolclay wrote:
I think it depends on your definition of a profession. If it is something you do to survive than hunting/gathering would probably not suffice. If your definition was a skill used to produce goods for trade than I think flint knapping, or some other form of making goods was probably the first profession.
Agreed, for me the profession started when someone had perfected the making of X tool for X purpose, to the extent that the tool was in demand by others and they traded for it.
I'm talking About payment for services though!
What about parenthood? Being a mother or father in some opinions is a profession where in pre-pre-ancient times the payment for services would be their survival and hopeful better quality of life.
On my part, i would say it is hard to conclude. There are lots of mysteries on this planet before new human civilization started to track back the history.

Of course indeed, oldest profession may seem to be generic term since you may aiming for profession that was already recognize by the society or maybe something that makes profit regardless of the things they used in exchange.

But for me the first profession is the basic things that one person can offer to one another. Not sure what it is but I am pretty sure, it is closer to what I am thinking.
It should be noted that you guys are conflating profession and job. Professions are a subset of the job or vocation set, and are distinct... they require specialized training, a self-regulatory association that licenses those who do the job, and a few other characters. There's actually a fairly limited number of occupations that qualify as professions, including such prestigious occupations as medical doctor, engineer, lawyer, architect, and similar.

I thought that perhaps engineer might have been one of the earliest, but it appears that surveyor may be.
oldest profession may be involving any thing in search of food, making armor for protection and hunting purpose. Making living space such as hut
Prostitution is generally regarded as the oldest profession, payment for services rendered. When I was a very young country boy, me and a mate had a trip to the big city and stayed for a couple of nights to check it out. The first night we found ourselves in a bar having a beer when we were soon approached by a couple of young ladies requesting that we buy them a drink. We obliged of course and after a couple I watched what the barman was giving them that cost so much and of course it turned out to be just soft drink. Lesson number one. Later on we were sitting at a table and my mate solicited the company of a young lady to sit with him which cost him a fee. When he asked would she come back to the hotel and spend the night she agreed and quoted some exorbitant price. I forget now the figures but it was way outside his budget so we went home alone. When we were back in the hotel room he was still in the mood for a lady so rang a massage service and they soon obliged with a lady knocking on our door pretty soon. She quoted her prices fist up which started at a basic figure for a massage, a higher figure for her to massage topless and a higher price for her to massage nude and then the ultimate, a higher price still for 'relief'. My mate opted for the nude massage and ended up with the works anyway so he was happy but it clearly illustrated the oldest profession at work for a couple of country boys.
Trade or you can say import export...
Most are wrong.
I mean't payment for services.
That is the definition of a profession.
chasbeen wrote:
Most are wrong.
I mean't payment for services.
That is the definition of a profession.

No, that is the definition of a job. A profession requires formal training and declaration/demonstration of skill in addition to simply receiving payment. Additionally, more formally, to be a profession requires some sort of organization, self-regulation, etc. I suggest checking out the wiki on professions; lots of info there on what is and is not a profession.
Well then being a Geisha must be a profession then. They got lots of training I believe.

Thinking about it. Gotta be one of the oldest professions in the world. Wonder whether there are still geishas around?
Geisha, and Japanese culture in general, are relatively recent developments in the scope of civilization.
Happy New Year everybody!
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