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FriHost Server 4 Proxy URL not allowing Login

I have read other topics and noticed that Bondings made a proxy url for DirectAdmin on Server 4: This is awesome for me because I do most my web work at work but am behind a corporate firewale, the dreaded Barracuda Web Filter Firewall. But when I try to login it tells me my username and password are incorrect. Is there a problem with Direct Admin or is something else wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Unfortunately, is server 3.
crap! Maybe Bondings will help us out on server four and give us a setup when he gets back online.
dxverm wrote:
crap! Maybe Bondings will help us out on server four and give us a setup when he gets back online.
You can check this page for which frih/frihost Websites are on which servers:

The status page is not perfect status wise, but does work after a fashion. You'll notice you're on the best of the four servers. All new accounts are located on that server. As far as I know Bondings has been working on maintenance of all of the servers over the last two weeks, particularly Servers 1 and 2 who have been playing up over the last few months. I've already noticed a great difference on Server 1, which is where my Website is located. The Frihost Forum is located on Server 2. The Forum hasn't been down in a while either. Cool
Thanks Deanhills for the extra information!
DX. Today while I was doing a search for something else, happened on this VERY old Frihost thread of 2005 - containing a recipe for making the script - maybe you could make your own?

I found something here as well that may help for DirectAdmin proxy.

Think I am going to play with it tonight just for fun. Razz
Awesome! Thank you very much for the heads up! I'll see what I can do with this information Dean!
Haha .... I had lots of fun with it tonight. I'm on cPanel, so it was VERY EASY and QUICK to create a proxy url for working behind a Firewall. I'll test it tomorrow at work, but I'm confident it will work.

Now for DirectAdmin I obviously can't create something similar as we don't have directadmin on the Frihost server I'm on. But maybe you could try the following software from Sourceforge - the software was adapted from the cPanel Proxy script.

The discussion at the link below will give you more background info about the development of the script:
I just tested the link, . I am not on either, but it seems that it will redirect to the appropriate server -- does it work on all directadmin servers, I wonder? It probably will not work for cpanel because it brings up a directadmin login.

It was slow when I tried it. It is possible that the failure was temporary. I'm on and it did work for me, although with a delay. Perhaps someone on each of the other servers can post whether it also works for them.

My results, from experiment and (which was also pretty slow at the moment):

Server 1 <my domain> Directadmin allows login to my control panel

Perhaps a table of these could be made somewhere for reference.
I've tried that SonLight but its not on my server so it will only allow people hosted on that server to use that login. Every server has a proxy page setup by Bondings except for Server 4
I tried my new cPanel Proxy URL first thing at work this morning, and it was spot on, and loaded SUPER FAST. Awesome feeling! Am really happy with it. Can't believe the script is dated 2005 and I only learned about it now. So thanks to DX for starting this thread, otherwise I'd have been none the wiser. Razz

Hopefully Bondings can tweak the DA proxy url of for when he has time available, would make me doubly happy.
That would make me super happy but as far as I know he hasn't been on since I joined...really need a second admin around here.
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