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members website list?

Is there a members website list (only for people that want their sites listed, of course)? It could be useful in determining what is possible on Frihost.
Frihost did have a directory but it was removed because it was not looked after and many websites didn't work anymore.
The URL still works if you want to take a look:

Bondings obviously doesn't have the time so if we want a directory I think a regular member should create an Unofficial Frihost Directory in a forum thread or on an external site. If that's done that person should be prepared to from time to time check that all websites is still working and that they are still hosted on Frihost. This process could probably be pretty much automated so it's not as much work as it sounds.

That sounds like a great idea. If we only made one list, "some frihost sites as of <date>", it would still be quite useful. I think the hard part would be deciding which sites to list. Those with their own domain names should probably be listed only if they ask to be included. It seems reasonable that subdomain sites could be listed unless they ask not to be. If someone has their own domain name but the subdomain name also works, presumably only the domain should be listed. I'm not even sure how to determine if that situation exists (the content should be the same or they are independent sites).

As an experiment, I tried a search for: inurl:"" . I got 11 hits with duckduckgo and 317 with google. There were many duplicates -- probably a site should be listed if and only if there is a default home page. In that case google might list the /index.php instead of the / though, so maybe the standard defaults should be looked for by name.
We should probably make it clear what we want. Do we want ...
  1. a place where people can get their Frihost site listed to show off and get a few visitors?
  2. a collection of "good" Frihost sites so that new members can see what an awesome place Frihost is?
Or do we want both? The old Frihost directory had both with its top 11 list and the rest of the sites listed in categories.
I think key to the problem is absence of an Admin to keep a daily watch on the directory. That must have been the reason why Bondings had retired the Directory in November of last year. One would need someone who is empowered on the Admin level to make daily changes to it so that the Directory would be representative of really good Websites. And kept up to date. The Websites didn't get that much traffic either.

Here's Bondings' blog post documenting some of the reasons why the Directory got retired.

Bondings wrote:
Written by Bondings on Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:51 pm in blog Bondings World under Frihost Official - 2335 views

The directory was originally planned to be a showcase of websites hosted by us and also a means to get some traffic to your website.

However, I didn't program all needed features, like removing and changing entries (and have never found the time to do it). This has caused that the directory is now filled with non-existing websites and a lot of websites that are still working might not even be hosted by us anymore.

About the websites listed themselves, I don't think they get as much traffic as I expected, even in the top-11 thing.

Anyway, I have decided to retire it completely. I will start by removing the top link to it (it's taking a lot of place) and will probably completely remove it in some time.

I noticed the page has no direct links to public urls. Some are listed, but are just text. (None worked, even the one for Bonding, but maybe Frihost is down, or didn't they get moved to another server?) Having a link to would be better than a link to I realize it takes you to the public url immediately and can be better used for page-view-count purposes, but you want people to see that it works as seamlessly as possible. A smart newbie looking to sign up Frihost would be thinking in terms of the hoops he or she has to jump through to get a site up and running. To my way of thinking, just the public url and a short description is best.
@boinsterman. Those links aren't supposed to exist. If you check Bondings' Official Blog post about discontinuing the Directory, that should be quite evident. He probably didn't have enough time to complete the job of removing everything he had planned to remove, including the application for a Directory listing in our Accounts. Bottom line, the Directory isn't supposed to exist any longer.
I think the go.php?id=8 thing was implemented that way because it made it easy to count clicks. If you press the More info link beside the site link you can see the click count.
I'm still first on the directory listing Wink

But thats part of the problem... I havn't had a website in years (with the exception of a few I made for others that had a business
Nice to see you posting Blaster. Think everything at Frihost somehow got "frozen" in time a few years ago. Even some of the Websites.

I checked this Website that is listed in No.11 position in the Directory, and it looks as though it is thriving ad wise. It probably should be pushed to No. 1 position? Razz
Times have changed. Luckily frihost has still paid the bills are we are still able to have our websites hosted. Modern times though make it easier than ever to make websites without having to use cpanel or directadmin. No coding is really necessary anymore for basic web sites.

And dean I feel obligated to post some considering I still use frihost to run my companies website.
I can do a member's website list myself. Once it's up and running, others can monitor the links as well. It would help give me ideas for subject matter. I'm a little dry in that respect right now.

Assuming not everyone would not want their site listed, I'd implement it as member submissions. I'll just need a submission form, a reporting form, a few MySQL tables, and display pages.

I would need to check the page daily, or get some help with it? (I recently left Frihost for over a year.) I would also need to ensure the website is on one of the Frihost servers and that the member is in good standing. At a minimum, the submission form can require one of the server names at the end of the pathname.
boinsterman wrote:
At a minimum, the submission form can require one of the server names at the end of the pathname.

Many Frihost users use their own domain names. You better check the nameservers and/or the IP.
How do I check the nameservers or IP? Are you implying that appropriate superglobal variables like $_SERVER (?) can be faked in such a way that the submitted site might not be on Frihost? Or are you thinking of hosted domains without a Frihost server name in them?
I'm talking about people using their own domain names without any mentioning of frihost in them.

To find the name servers of a domain you can do nslookup -type=ns at the command line or you can just use one of the many whois tools online.
Or just type the domain name in

The website name is easy to remember as well.
boinsterman does not list contact info or any host servers. It only tells you whether the domain is already registered. I could not find anything on sites I know are on Frihost.
boinsterman wrote: does not list contact info or any host servers. It only tells you whether the domain is already registered. I could not find anything on sites I know are on Frihost.
By law, this information has to be publicly available in whois. But there is also the work around for domains that want to protect their personal contact information to use standard contact information of the Domain Registrar in a "private proxy registration" arrangement. It can be added in as a freebie from the registrar, like Godaddy, or one can buy it as an add on for a nominal fee. If one registers a domain "publicly" then the personal information one puts in the application right down to phone number and address will appear in whois. It happened to me, so was quite a shocked when I saw my phone number address published. It was quite easy to fix with Godaddy though.

This is how it works:
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