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Mobile Phones

Do you have a cell phone?
 88%  [ 39 ]
 6%  [ 3 ]
None of your business
 4%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 44

Do you have a cell phone? Do you like?
I have a SonyEricsson S700i, but i'm planning to change to a SonyEricsson K750i soon Laughing
I've got a rubbish Nokia. I don't really like it, but it's one of the most useful things that I own.
though its very old... but i am happy with my N3315 ... Very Happy Very Happy
I have a nokia 3230. Its a great phone, but on orange you get the annoying orange custom menu on the screen. Also, before a text or a phone call, it beeps. (whats the point of having a ringtone if it beeps before it?) And it doesnt vibrate when you get a text on silent. But otherwise a good phone.
I use a 6230i. I used to use a nokia 3310 and had my MP3 player and my camera in my pocket now they are all combined into one. I have a 1gb mp3 player 1.3 megapixel camera and a class phone all in one small sized box.
well, first i had a

motorola v100 [that sucks..]

then a

nokia 3210 [it was cool... during the time i had it... haha]

then a

nokia 3510 [i could switch it to the housing of 3530, which makes it look like a 3530]

then a

nokia 3530 [then i got a REAL 3530]

then a

se k300i [yey!!! it's sort of cool...]
I have a Motorola V220... Does the job!
first one siemens c 45 (first personal mobile - it was great)
second siemens a50 (same as c 45)
third samsung x100 (i was estonished because this one had lcd with 65k colors, but now its nothing special )
fourth se k300i (first week it was amazing, next week - simple cell phone with bad quality lcd)
Nokia N-Gage QD
SE K300i

i have a Sendo S330, its quite good and has a colour screen and about 6 games! it only cost me 30 off! The only thing is that Sendo have gone broke so no more support from them!
My first one was an Ericsson T10. I loved that one!
Now I own a Sony Ericsson T230, and I think my next one will also be a Sony Ericsson. I prefer these to Nokias.
Actually, I think the phones are getting more "dumb-but-very-nice". An example: My T10 was able to count 34! (factorial). Most (all?) other phones overflow at 13!. But they have color displays and poliphonic sounds, that's right. The only hope is that newer models support Java so I can write my own stuff for my own phone.
Of course I have one.
This is my fifth model(one every year) and now I have the Sony Ericsson K700i, and it's oke with bluetooth and all.
I have a Siemens S66 - it is a nice phone with 1,3mp camera, bt and ir. You can d/l free software to sync with Outlook, which is the main reason I got the phone (so i could have my PIM info on the fly). The screen is fairly large but does not have the best res. My main complaint is that the keys are not that large, but I knew that before I bought the phone.
I use Nokia 6600.I fell it is the best available.All series 60 phones are cool
because they use SYMBIAN OS
I have a Nokia Handset its Nokia Ngage , which is cool it have a lot of stuff and its a gamming device
I've just upgraded to a treo 650. I like the bluetooth but the phone is more buggy than my previous treo 600. Looking forward to a firmware upgrade...

I had an Audiovox 8910, (web + photo) but I left it in my pants pocket, and it got washed... a big ugh... evidently there's a little color change indicator on most phones that turn red (in my case) whenever they get wet, so the warranty is void... aw well I'll probably just buy a cheapo phone cause i'm scared I'll wash one again.. Rolling Eyes
I fell in a river with my treo in my pocket which of course killed it. My home contents insurance policy paid for a new one (accidental damage), less the excess. The new one was unlocked and unbranded! Laughing

My first phone was a motorola 120, then a sony ericsson, and now I have a UTStarcom 860. I think cell phones can be really useful, and the most useless invention ever. I find them useful because their only purpose for me is to call my brother when I'm done a class, or when a friend wants to arrange a study group while I"m still at school. However, my phone also has internet, camera, realtone, etc. which I think are pure bullshit. The camera is very low quality, and I would prefer it if it were gone. The internet has never been fast enough on my phone to be useful. I end up giving up because I can't find something.

Because the combined amount I use my phone is very low, my service provider doesn't offer such a plan. I am on a pay and talk plan, which is excellent as the minimum I have to put on my account every month is $10, and if I get low I can always add more. As well, everything rolls over, so the money can accumulate.
My first was a Motorola (It sucks cant rember the brand name), after that I had a nokia 7250 and now Im having Nokia 6681 it has EDGE technology for browsing and screen looks cool and I can even watch compressed DVD movies.
My first mobile - Nokia 3210. Now i have Siemens CXV70. Its not good, but im from poland and mobile phones are so expensive here:P
My current phone, Samsung z500, good phone.
Previous ones, in order of recent on the left, old ones on the right.
Sony Ericsson t610, Samsung a800, Nokia 5210, Nokia 3210, Maxon brick. (vodafone Uk branded handset from over 5 years ago, one of the early prepay ones)
I have a siemens A60 (bought it as a replacement for my c60 which I traded for an mp3 player and regretted doing so)
And a nokia 3580 that will need replacing soon (Iv had it ages, and I lost the on/off button and had to put tape over the hole to keep the dust out).

I also have a locked siemens A50, which I use to charge batteries for my A60.
I have a PPC6700 and I love it. While it is a little pricey it has some great features. I use it daily to check my e-mail and browse the internet when I am not at my PC. Whenever I have a cell signal I have access to the web and all websites(unlike alot of cell phones.)

THe PPC6700 is a PDA smart phone with 3G, EVDO, WiFi 802.11g, qwerty keyboard, camera with video, and windows CE.

I have had this phone for 3 months now and would not trade it.
Yes i have a cellphone and it is of NOKIA 2600
I have Samsung C200. Nice colors and it can store almost 300 text messages. I am yet to get a data cable for it to transfer pics etc in it.
My phones a crappy old Nokia. I hate it
I use Siemens SX-1 also i like Nokia N series phone (Nokia N70)
will you please any one tell me cost of data cable for sonyericsson data Cable

i bought it last month, but i want to connect it with my pc, so please tell me how i buy this.. and how much does it cost.
I have a sony ericsson K700i. Going to change it soon.
Im really frustrated with Mobiles I lost two nokia phones in my hostel .......and currently im having a nokia 6681 which doesnt work properly....Its shame Im unlucky but i still thinks nokia is the great phone among everything...
Maybe you should try to take care of your mobile phones more. That way they won't get lost...
i just bought a new Motorola L7! Very Happy
I use Nokia. What's wrong with it? The only problem with Nokia is they built the phone so well that it lasts forever. So I'm still using the same phone that I bought 4 years ago. :~o

My next phone is going to be those PDA phone with build-in SatNav. Any good recommendations?
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