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Gimp - Cutting out renders

Due to some cofusion with my other tutorial, i'm posting this one to discuss how to cut out a render. Let's get started:

Step One:
Open up your image, and go to the Layers window, then right click on backround, and click add alpha channel. Like this:

Step Two:
Select the build paths tool. If lost, it is this one:

Step Three:Zoom in
Use this button to zoom in to about 400%

Step Four:
Begin your path. By clicking, you add an anchor. You want to get your anchors as close to the image you want to cut out as possible.

Step Five:
Clicking again will get you a Link.

Step Six:
You can grab the boxes or the link itself to mold the line to fit your selection.:

Step Seven:
Clicking again will create another link between the other link. Unfortunatly, and if anyone knows how to counter this, you have to create a new anchor, then delete it, then select the last anchor, then create a new one to successfully create a link in between.

Step Eight:
Do this for the rest of your render. When you get to the last link, hold control and click the anchor to close the selection ,it is important that you do this.

Step Nine:
Now go back to your layers window, and click on the "paths" tab. It is this one:

Step Ten:
Now you want to select your path, and then click path to selection. This enables you to cut your selection out of the picture.

Step Eleven:
Now go back to your picture, and it should be flashing.

Step Twelve:
Now right click, and click cut....Make sure you cut and not copy.

Step Thirteen:
Go to your image you are trying to get the render into, and Right click>edit>paste....

Your render is in your image now.

Step Fourteen:
To resize your render, go to Layer>Scale layer....This wont work if you have already anchored your render into the image.

Step Fifteen:
Go back to the layers window, right click the pasted layer, and click "anchor layer".. This adds the render to the image.

Questions welcome, may be a bit confusing. Very Happy
When you taught me, I didn't do anything after Step 9.


I'll try it again.
heh, that might've been the problem Razz . It's hard to teach anyone anything over MSN messenger. Very Happy
Using quick mask might be easier. Just click quick mask, the bottuon in lower left corner of the picture. Then the pic should turn red tint. Use a paint brush to paint what you want to keep. When you click the quickmask again everything you painted will be in a selection.
this turns out nice, I shadowed mine and left it black Smile it looks evil I did a red saber two Smile
I thank you for the useful tutorial.

It could be even more useful with some basal hints. Often it is very difficult to get started.
Thanks for the tutorial. I've started learning how to use GIMP so I can make some neat looking graphics myself, and this will be helpful.

Oh, and KOTOR II is an excellent game. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who plays it.
played it multiple times Smile one of the few video games i actually play nowadays. and your welcome.
Wow. Awesome tutorial. Thanks.

Oh yeah, and KOTOR II is one of the best RPGS i've ever played.

I plan on using this and your other tutorial alot. Thanks
no problem. glad you enjoyed it Very Happy
great tutorial! but....sorry, i just started with GIMP, where's the layer window? Shocked
i replied in your other topic Very Happy

Nice to have someone here who is knowledgeable with the GIMP! I've been trying to learn it for quite a while but my reliance on Photoshop is getting in the way!

More tutorials pls! Thanks!
I'm glad to see a website with tutorials for The Gimp rather than Photoshop, I love Gimp, best price is free Very Happy. I'm don't really understand the create and edit paths function though. An alternate method could be to use the crop tool to crop it near the edges then use the eraser tool to fine tune it, it might take slightly longer, but it seems a load simpler. I got lost in the create/delete loop of the create/edit paths Razz. Other than that sort of confusing statement, great tutorial <3.
Does anyone know where i can get a free version of gimp that is simple to download and I dont' need to download 150 things.

Just the program and the run time Very Happy download and install runtime first, then GIMP. Good luck and PM me for help.

Arrow Nerdy Terdy
yeah, the deleting thing is weird. I've never found a way around this, so if anyone knows one, i'd be glad to cite your name in the tutorial.
Honestly, I think you did it the hardest way...That was so freakin' confusing. I just open the base layer, open a layer over that, and erase all excess crap from the overlapping picture. Alot easier than outlining part of a pic and then transferring it over.
I think I have a different Gimp to you? When I go to the layers thing it doesn't have those 4 tools above 'Layers' so I can't do step 9? I'm so confused
Your pictures are all missing man. You should check that out...
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