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Chain saw

I need a chain saw in woodworking.
Do you have any experience with the chain saw and the selection of it.
jajarvin wrote:
I need a chain saw in woodworking.
Do you have any experience with the chain saw and the selection of it.
I use a chainsaw every few weeks or so when working. I don't know where you live in the world so my particular favourite is almost irrelevant, so ask locally, whichever tool uses the most easily available parts/cheap service at nearby mechanic/tool fix places where your local tradespeople go for their tool maintenance. What breaks down more often, how much abuse are you going to give the machine etc, most guys who fix tools love tools and love to talk about it.

Honestly, I think the best thing you can do (for you personally and everywhere) is visit the small-workshop guys who regularly work on farm/garden/building trade tools in your area, locally, you'll generally find straight talking friendly answers from the guys who fix them, certainly more than the guys who get commission for selling them Wink
Really depends on what you plan to do with the chainsaw (take down a large tree or cut up a few branches) and how often you plan on using the saw.
For me, I basically cut up branches though I have taken down a smaller tree. I have a 14" bar electric chainsaw. I use it maybe 4 times a years. Maintenance is next to nothing compared to a gas powered saw.
standready wrote:
I use it maybe 4 times a years. Maintenance is next to nothing compared to a gas powered saw.
4 days a year = low maintenance costs for sure, and I'd probably go electric if it was the same for me, but would depend on power generation/extension lead considerations as well.
It's why 'how much abuse the tool is going to get' is important, from how often you have to sharpen the chains teeth to how frequently the particular chainsaw brand/design breaks down, and why.

With that in mind I'd always suggest anyone anywhere in the world to talk to their local small workshop tool repair place (any tool) if it's gonna get ragged to bits in regular and frequent use - Chains n small stuff are easily adaptable, but weak electric motors/2 stroke engines, and/or gearboxes are not. The 'accepted' product reliability is only as important as the local most commonly/cheapest/quickest available parts and available mechanics/repair shops when you need the tool to work immediately, and often........such considerations can very often determine the most locally available value for money choice/option for people who use any power tool for their trade.
Thank you watersoul and standready for your advice.

I think I'll buy myself a Christmas present: a chainsaw.
Do you have any experience with the chain saw and the selection of it.

Like it was mentioned earlier, the brand of chainsaw will depend on where you live, what is available.

I prefer gas chain saws, for light to medium tree trimming. I'm not sure if you would need a gas one for woodworking. If you do go with a gas powered chainsaw, be sure to research the brands. I've noticed there can be a big difference in the quality of small engines, and you don't want a gas-powered one that frequently has problems starting. With this in mind, if you don't need the extra power from the gas engine (or portability, if it's always going to be in your shop) the electric chain saw has much less parts to it to break down. A gas powered saw will require more maintenance.
I have to chime in here - since he said he was using the chain saw in wood working I am making the assumption that he will be using it inside his wood working shop. Under that assumption I would say go electric - no sense inhaling the exhaust fumes from a gas powered saw. BTW I think the box gas powered lawn and garden equipment comes in state for out door use only - which I never did understand why they printed that on the outside of lawn tools - like your lawn would be inside Rolling Eyes Confused
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