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Is it a duty to reproduce in god's name?

God want's us to reproduce?
Yes, he expects us to have children despite the world pop.
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No, he probably want's us to reproduce more wisely.
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I would like for lots of people who disagree with me to answer this question.

If a large reason for wars is gaining access to resources and maintaining borders around those resources already owned, does that mean it is a bad idea to have to large a population?

By having a large population, you increase your need for resources, and given the human tendency to murder others for what we need (or in some cases, simply want), doesn't that mean it's kind of immoral to increase your population beyond self-sufficiency?

If it is wrong in god's eyes to murder, and you know that increasing your population means you will "need" to murder to survive (why bother continue living if you go to heaven btw?), is it still a good idea to reproduce?

Why would god be against spilling seed, be against condoms, when he knows that billions of people not stemming the reproduction rate will lead to massive suffering and death? Does god really intend for people to continue reproducing to such a degree that we have no choice but to roll around as nation-gangs and gank the resources of the weak? To rely on slave labor to mass produce goods? To starve to death because there isn't enough food to go around?

You can argue that you reproduce responsibly, but that doesn't matter: You know that one way or another, you are adding to the population. This means one more human consuming resources. One more person needing a job. One more person paying taxes to a military which will murder people to keep them at bay from what we need or want. You know this sub-consciously. It may not be pretty, but it's the reality. And on top of it, most of us don't do our best to be as efficient as possible (becoming educated and solving problems) while we consume resources. Most don't learn how to streamline our economy/consumption so we need less resources, meaning that we are not so cut-throat about oil, minerals, water, etc. Meaning we don't have to murder for our desires.

Is god really so against homosexuality, and contraception, while preferring that we take steps that ensure we at the very least destroy each other as nations (and internally as well) using bombs, auto-cannons, drones, etc?

Why does god still consider it a duty to reproduce when not all the current mouths that already exist, can be fed?

What is god's plan there?
I don't care order or no order. I will do it!!!
Incredible question, may be a better fit for the Philoso./Religion section. I may be a very unique individual with very unique view points. However from my perspective and those of most of my Christ following friends, and Church is that there is very little spiritual/biblical basis on the anti-contraceptive argument. Evidence of contraceptive usage has been found for almost as long as humans have had the capacity of understanding that sex=offspring. Even some native communities practiced birth control because they realized that more children meant more mouths to feed.

I am a large proponent of Garrett Hardin's philosophies in terms of human population. We continue to see evidence of his ideas as we slowly run out of water, oil, land, food, and almost every other requirement for human life. From a human population stand point I am also against certain medical advances that extend human life. From day one on planet Earth, we have had a natural balance of carrying capacity and natural population controls. But thanks to the ever "intelligent" humans we have we been able to conquer these natural controls (for now). As our population continues to exponentially increase the likely hood of a massive "population control" event becomes ever more likely. I strongly believe that bringing a child into a world as horrific as our own particularly when there are so many unwanted children already is wrong on all levels.

I also believe that many other Christ followers would agree with me. It is unfortunate that you have specific denominations and groups that are so against any form of birth control.

I am however against hormonal based contraceptives because of the damage they can cause to those using them but also the environment.

Anyway that's my opinion and I am sticking to it!
Yes, this question does not belong to Politics as such, but it should be in the religion section.

Nevertheless, my personal opinion is this that World needs family planning.

I can also talk about Pakistan and Islam.

Pakistan is going to be No. 3 in population with present speed till 2050.

We have barely any water and it is becoming less and less every year. One big drought and millions are going to die.

Even whole WORLD will find it difficult to help and feed such big population. You could see African countries have very little population as compared to Pakistan, but whole world is not able to even feed the African countries like Somalia etc.

People are already ready in Pakistan to kill each other for one bread. It literally happened. Actually many such incidents have happened.

And although people don't get the news in Western newspapers, but many women do the suicides along with their children while they have nothing to eat and they could not feed their children. So, instead of watching their children die from hunger, the mothers kill the children themselves so that they could get rid of misery of dying from hunger.

I will talk about the role of religion later.
Role of Religion in Pakistan

Seriously, I wonder sometimes myself if the religion is in itself corrupt or the Mullahs (Islami priests) are corrupt who are using the religion as an excuse.

Whatever, the final result is this that people have to suffer a lot.

Family planning is also being suffered a lot at the hands of Mullahs.

Forbidding one thing is not so bad (as perhaps few Christian priests are also against family planning), but the worst part is this that Mullahs are brain washing the innocent people, and telling them that family planning is a conspiracy against Islam, and thus it is obligatory upon Muslims to do JIHAD against the family planning.

So, the Jihad against family planning means .... simply kill the people who are working for the government organisations for Polio or family planning.

Yes, you have read it correctly. The people who work for Polio prevention or for family planning department, they are being killed in name of Religion, in name of conspiracies against Islam.

We, the normal Pakistanies, we are totally at the mercy of Mullahs and Taliban at moment.
... Should? Not really. But sex feels really nice! Very Happy

I just think there should be no need for forcing of any kind. First it feels good. Second, people would prefer to have someone of their own flesh and blood rather than someone else's. For me it's a no brainer. It's Biology.
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