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Do you keep a diary?

Do you keep a diary?

I just started writing a diary. I try to write every day, something that relates to the day's events. It is not always easy.

Sometimes I think about doing unnecessary work. No one will read my text.

Does this make sense?
A diary isn't for others to read,it is a good way of organizing your thoughts,making sense of things.
I have never write any diary in my whole life. I don't have much time for writing the diary and also reading the diary. I hate to remember a lot of details of the past since i have a lot of things to do on the future. I just let my history gone with the wind. I have very bad memory of my past so i'm very good at forget about anything on the past. We can write our diary on the blog. Just set the blog as personal blog that no one can access the blog except ourselves. But that's mean not all people can not access the blog. People from company of the blog service, people from NSA, and some hacker / cracker maybe can read our diary. Write diary as best as we can since maybe our children or grandchildren will read our writings after we die. Just keep out our secret and any bad things about ourselves and other people in the diary for the sake of all people.
I think hard copy of diary is getting depreciated. Some you email to document there daily life's to make it more convenient.

But for my self i don't write my life.. I just live with it and do what i can for this day to have contribution.
I thought that was what Facebook was for. laugh
jajarvin wrote:
Do you keep a diary?

I just started writing a diary. I try to write every day, something that relates to the day's events. It is not always easy.

Sometimes I think about doing unnecessary work. No one will read my text. Does this make sense?
I think it depends on how much you write? If you write enough that you might actually read at some point in the future then it might have some value to it.
No, I do not Smile
yes i have habit of writing a dairy daily.In this way i know that what will happen and what had done in the past.It is like a memorizing book for does not take a time a lot to write daily routine on on note book or in computer.I made my dairy in computer.
I used to do that when I was a teen but not anymore.
No i don't keep a diary. I don't feel like i need to write down my thoughts.
i do not have a diary, and if i would have one, it would be secret, and i would write it with pencil in a little paperbook... and i would also write down things, to look how they differ from my memory. they say the memories of ones youth would often not match the real facts, and it would change over the years. to think of that makes me a little bit nervous, but actually not enought that i really would write a diary.
if i was one of the facebook-generation, i would have to write a diary to document the gap between my fake-life and my real-life. too hard to decode the facebook surface to get through to the documentation...
Does my personal blog count? Very Happy

I started with a plain regular one and created my first blog in 2002. Jesus, I just noticed I've been blogging for more than 10 years! Anyways, I like to share some of my personal life, but not everything. Funny things always seems to happen to me and I love to make people laugh. So yes, I have a diary. A virtual one. Very Happy
I think diaries have been mostly replaced with blogs. Blogs can be set to private so that only certain people can read them, and they're available online and easy to start and maintain. It's also much easier to type than to physically write out everything. This way, your thoughts can be written down much faster than in an actual diary. The only problem is if you are the sentimental type, then you would probably rather have something that you can touch and keep for a long time, even if the Internet for some reason breaks down.

I keep a diary in the form of a blog that I have been updating forever. It's a good way to keep track of your thoughts and happenings in the past. It's kind of funny to be describing a blog as a diary, but I think that's essentially what it boils down to. It just so happens that most blogs are public and people want others to read what they've wrote.
one thing i know about diaries is that you do NOT read in someone elses diary without his explicit permission. a diary has a certain status of intimacy, and there can be also written things one would be ashamed, if others knew about them. so this is a fundamental difference to a blog. blogs are written in first place to be shared with others, even if one pretends to write a 'secret' blog. if you have a secret, the internet is maybe not the best place to place it...
but, yes, there are certainly people making a big noise like "hello world, i'm writing a secret diary right now, but don't you dare to watch me blah blah blah..."
No i do not keep diary, I do't like it
i have a habit of writing diary daily.
I did keep a diary when I was young. Later as I grew older, I became so embarrassed of it that I had to burn it to get rid of it permanently.

Now, I just blog around, not the personal matters but about things that I have learned technology wise. I think it is a great idea to keep a digital private blog for those who want to write in a diary.
No, I don't keep a diary, but I think it's a nice idea. It just sounds a bit outmoded --- maybe a blog? Wink
i just lost my diary and i dont know who found it all my secrets are kept there Sad
jajarvin wrote:
Do you keep a diary?

I just started writing a diary. I try to write every day, something that relates to the day's events. It is not always easy.

Sometimes I think about doing unnecessary work. No one will read my text.

Does this make sense?

For me, this is fine.. but for me its not that applicable since i am so busy all the days..
For me it also doesn't make much sense. I can see two types of adults writing a diary. First one is somebody narcissistic, extending his grandeur to their memoires. Second one is probably someone with a child inside and a vivid imagination, re-experiencing his adventures on paper. The second one is probably fun, the first guy not so much.

One of the worst mistakes that I have made in my life though was getting rid of all the childhood souvenirs like my diary, other childhood drawings etc. I had had a phase of cleaning out anything I don't need (I'm still minimalist at nature when it comes to possessions) and everything went out to trash. It must be a joy ride to come back to these once a year or once a few years and recall all that stuff, but I made my bed. Don't make the same mistake if you have the opportunity to Wink
Yes, I use note book, not diary.
i live to write dairy.
No I don't.. for privacy sake. Razz
no it's pointless
I can not not work with out diary writing. My day star with dairy writing.
I've never been much into diaries, but recently I found it very useful. I mostly use it for summarizing the day and keeping the memories of dreams I had.
I used to write diaries when I was in middle school. Now I think it is useless habit.
I personally keep diary and I love to do it.
I like to write dairy on daily basis for my routine work. I can not live with out it. Because all my work is based on my daily routines. By writing it daily it is very hard to miss any daily work.
Yes. Sure. Its fun. Some parts are published on our website here by Frihost. Other pages we ll send to parents and friends.

We say its more fun to see Yourself than to see tv.

Try it ask Your friend how was Your sunday with husband. Answer ll make u happy.
I have calender for year 2017.
It's size is A4 and so it has plenty of room for writing.
Usually I have had calenders which had size of A5 and there was not much room for writing

Every day I now write some little details of things that had happed during this day.
Yes, I am preparing diary, when i find free time I usually spend with my diary..
There is another advantage of the diary.

Yesterday I was asked about the 23 May 2,016.
I looked in my diary and I could answer also the weather was described.

So You can find a lot of information of the past in Your diary. Enjoy it, also as man.
I don't keep a diary, simply I don't have a secrete chest to keep it.
I have write some diary before, but soon after, I remember and burn them Razz


Somtime, I write my diary and keep it in a group. This group is create by my facebook account. The funny is that group only have one member, that is me, lol. It is a secret group, so that only I can read it. If some one that hack my nick, they are hard to see my post, b/c in my fb, I join a lot of group. So, to check all group I join, it take a lot of time. Smile


I am going to tell you a story in my diary. When I am just a child, grade 6 or 7, I don't remember exactly. In class, my sit is next to a girl, that I really like. We draw a line by white chalk and unanimity who across the line will be punish. In break time, I erase the line and draw a new line that increase my area. After break, she identified the difference, so she hit me with ruler. The teacher saw that, he was very angry and asked her to apology me 300 times. She cried and I had beg off for this punishment. Now, she is my girl friend, lol.

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Its 6 30 in the morning. I just write the diary about this morning. The last hour from 5 to 6 so many things happened in the group and in the forest.

To read a diary is more fun than to watch the Game of Thrones. We love humans. Is this a problem?
Here is an example out of the diary. You can see a diary cannot bore Yourself. I write it special to men, cause many men are to shy to speak or to write. They live in practice life.

Diary July 27, 6.30 am
(its good to split the day in 30 minutes part for better remember)
After the forest visiting I was asked by the group: How
How to inspire people?
I was looking for an answer, but his wife answered him: You inspire me every morning.
I was asking: How do You inspire Your husband and other people for go out to holidays or to eat food together?
Just like we did?
But I am so lazy in the morning. I am the last, who is leaving the house.
But this is no problem, cause I can close the light until You do singing close Your shoes.
And then Bob said: We are inspired, cause during out outside trip before breakfast, we did singing, and so we gave us power. And this is the reason You by Yourself wanna have breakfast with me and not eating alone, cause love inspires You.

You see
a diary isnt boring
and after years
You ll forget it and You ll be happy to read it in the year 2,030.

Also men can have fun with selfreflecting.
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