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Help us Help with Haiyan Relief Efforts

MALAKAT Outdoors is a mountaineering group but committed as much to the development of our society through various socio activities.

Our recent relief efforts to Bohol and Northern Cebu have drained our usual resource of funds. With no logistics and actual goods to distribute, the group pretty much cannot do anything. To date, Leyte/Samar still depends on relief efforts and we still want to help.

The damages done by the typhoon is indescribable and no one can fathom the depths of the grief of those who lost their loved ones. Food, water and medicine are scarce and come at a premium at this time.

We, the Malakat Outdoors, are asking for your help. We need funds for logistics, food, water, supplies and medicine for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

Any bit of donation will go a long way.

Donate Here:

Previous Charity Acts:
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Very nice. Hopefully you can get many donations. I think aside from asking helps, you can also conduct printing shirt which all money will goes to the victim or conduct small band gigs and all ticket sales will as well goes to victims.
Zacky has a good idea for you for raising funds. Checkout Tee Spring, you can create online campaigns for selling t-shirts with a low base price, meaning that even if you sell the shirts for $10, you will still make a profit from each..which is really good! The more you pre-sell, the higher the profit made.
I am not affiliated with the site, nor have I used them, but it was just a suggestion based on what Zacky suggested.

I went to a new church this past Sunday because I am traveling and they raised over 32,000 just from 2 weekends worth of collection to help those in the Philippines.
I wish you the best and may God be with you guys and those in the Philippines.
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December 13, 2010
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