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fossiles, collecting?

hello, maybe there are some fossile-collectors here?
my question is actually not exactly about fossiles, but fossile-replicas - do you have an idea where to get from some fossile-replicas, trilobite-replicas, that is?
Colombia, Where I am living there is some areas with real fossils charcoals. But you can get some, cheaps in.

Take a look to this page and you can get something for you.
well, the reason why i'm looking for a replica is that i had allready had a look at ebay, and i'm searching for a trilobite sized about 15 cm (+- 6 inches).
i found the ones with about 3 inches are allready getting quite pricey, and even more the bigger ones. and for my plan a replica would also do, so...
i read that there existed really big trilobites, compared to which 6'' is peanuts, so this 6'' size should be possible.
also there would exist a big range of fake trilobites on the market. and if there are fakes, there could at least also exist some replicas, couldn't there? just where is the problem.
DuckDuckGo immediately found a number of sites that look promising. I picked one which doesn't look too sleazy, to link to:

Our Plastic Trilobite Replica

Made of solid plastic, this trilobite's superior design and details make it a museum-quality replica or collector's item, and yet the price puts it in range for the average collector of plastic animals

For only six dollars, it seems like what you are looking for.
those plastic ones do not serve well for me, they are too 'artificial', but the trilobite cookies is a nice idea:
this one would serve for my plan, maybe it should be even slightly bigger:
i should find something similar here in europe, because the shipping costs would double the price.
I have never had any even though I like those stuff. I have seen people selling those Amber things like small insects in E-bay.
I had trouble searching for a European site. I did find a search site related to ebay UK. Probably a long shot, but this page did look somewhat promising:
"advanced ebay item finder" it says - gives better ebay-results, indeed! but most of them are originals there, the size i'd like to have was about 80 Brittish Pounds...
this one is actually great:, museum quality fossil cast, it says, and the size is about what i am after - if it only was in europe!
after all, this kind of research is not at all what it should be, if one is passionately collecting fossiles, i guess... instead of buying them in the web, the real thing would wait out there in some deserts, some treasures to dig for.
looks like i haven't found the rigth keyword for a google-search in german. 'replica' or 'cast' does it for english, while german 'replik' 'nachbildung' 'reproduktion' 'abguss' etc. doesn't bring anything but people complaining and warning of fossil-fakes. maybe that's a cultural difference? the europeans so concerned with authenicity?
I like Fossile collecting hobby
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