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Imgur contest 50 coins

The idea: You have to post an image (Or images if it is a multi image post) to imgur,and link to it here,the person who gets the most points wins.

You have to post your link here as soon as you post to imgur.

If anyone makes it to the front page of imgur,I will award an extra 50 coins,if two people make it to the front page I will award them to the person with the highest points.

Any questions ask here.

You can sign into imgur with a twitter account or just sign up as normal.

The contest will end on the 1st December.



Diving in beautiful Oman - October 2013

Dean I need the imgur page Addy so I can check the number of points you have.
To find the imgur page simply remove the i. and the file extension. ->
Thanks Peterssidan & thanks Dean for your entry.

*op updated

Not after any coins but interesting to see what this image host is all about.
This is a pic I just took from my Frihost blog - The Beautiful Weed
Thanks watersoul,you're doing well on the points score already.
Cheers Truespeed, it seems an interesting image host, I was unaware of it before this thread.
Question you may be able to help me with, I can only view comments on my pic when not signed in. Every time I try to reply it forces a login and then the comments seem to disappear. Any advice for whatever I seem to be doing wrong?
I don't like to ignore comments anywhere, as you must know I have far too much to say sometimes and would not want to change my style on this new site you introduced to me! Wink
Seems weird,just going to your page and clicking reply should enable to you to answer. (When logged in of course) .

Other than that I am not really sure,I doubt it is a settings thing as the default will be the same as mine and I can view/reply.
truespeed wrote:
Dean I need the imgur page Addy so I can check the number of points you have.
Sorry Truespeed. I don't know what that is. Is it this link?
Already got it Dean,Peterssidan showed me how by just taking off the .jpg. Your submission is added to the OP so I can check the scores at the end of the month.
truespeed wrote:
Already got it Dean,Peterssidan showed me how by just taking off the .jpg. Your submission is added to the OP so I can check the scores at the end of the month.
That's great Truespeed. Thanks very much. Enjoyed the experience with Imgur as well. Very Happy
Thanks to Dean and Watersoul for entering.

Watersoul was the winner with 23 points.

Well done. Wink
Congratulations Watersoul! Cool
Cheers chaps, but it was only two entries and I thought the competition was interesting because I found a new image host which is different with it's social media twist.
That said, I won't keep the coins but offer them as a prize for a repeat competition if anyone want's to administer it, Truespeed?

I like the number 600 so I'll re-donate the 50 coins for the winner, plus whatever is left which leaves me with 600. Right now that's 20.78 making a prize of 70.78 coins, but it is bound to go up with my crazed typing here sometimes! Razz

If you wanna edit this thread like Dean does for the 'guess posts comp' then feel free or start another, but I don't think this comp had quite the enough time/forum publicity it deserved?

...I like looking at other peoples pics, and a Frihost comp being 'judged' by points at a 3rd party image host community is an interesting slant to me Smile
I will renew this contest,but I will wait till after christmas,I am not sure we will get much participation over the holiday period,so may be best to do it again in the new year.
Can we take pictures during the holidays that we later use in the contest?
You can use any picture,one you take yourself,or something you do in photoshop,anything really,there are no limits on what pictures you can use.

It can even be a collection of pictures,as some imgur posts are.
We really need to get TG to do Mynx with her new camera. Guess she'll win hands down. Very Happy
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