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Frihoster of the year 2013

I did this a few years back and I thought it would be nice to revive it.

The rules:

Choose 3 frihosters (No more than 3 please) who you think have contributed best to the forum over the past year,you can give reasons if you want. (Moderators can be nominated as they are posters also)

Choose 1 Moderator who you think has been the best in terms of moderating the forums over the past year.

Reply with your nominations,I will tally them up a month from now. (15th Dec)
Mod is easy. Ankhanu without any hesitation. But then again, there haven't been that many mods around. Ankhanu and Bikerman have been the only regular Mods. Vanilla less active, and Ghostrider occasionally. Ocalhoun has completely disappeared off the radar screen.

Posters who have made great contributions are TheGremlyn, Watersoul, and Ankhanu (in no specific order).


Peterssidan: For his user statistics,his contests and his overall postings.

TheGremlyn: Made the blogs an active place for the first time since their creation,plus she drives loads of traffic to the forum with her blog posts,there is one she did the other week that already has over 33.000 views.

nickfyoung: I don't agree with anything he writes,but he deserves a nomination for having the thickest of skins and taking on the wrath of P&R for as long as he has. Smile


Ankhanu: Like Dean said,the only really active mod around other than Bikerman. Ankhanu is a much needed addition to the moderating team on frihost.
Aha .... I did think about Peterssidan too, but then you mentioned posts specifically. The three I nominated were exclusively for their posts and the quality of their posts. Maybe there was a different category needed for special services and yet another category for those surviving the Phil&Rel Forum. Razz
Moderator: Ankhanu

Posters (in no order)

TheGremlyn - Certainly blogger of the year.

deanhills - active on all the boards.

Peterssidan: statistics whiz.
Posters: Nickfyoung and the penbattles with Bikerman, both deserves it! The 3rd will be deanhills cos he is objective and nice.

Moderators: Tricky one, honestly. Most bad quality moderatorship in the sections I have been writing in. No offence, but I can't type one who deserves it in the sections I have the time to read.

There are a lot of good posters, just 3 is narrow - So thanks all for good postings.
Though I don't make any presence but I do check sometimes just reading people's conversations. I don't know about who contributed the most so I'll just base my vote as a casual visitor and also based on my personal tastes. So like saying the most who contributed to me as an end user of frihost.

watersoul: There's a lot of good contents in the blog section, so I think one of those guys should have the title. I personally prefer watersoul's postings the most.

peterssidan: That last contest was really a good one, though I made no engangement -.- just me grinning at the background.

Indi: Should win every year for me. Very Happy

moderator: Ankhanu. Should have been a mod a long time. I bet he made a good job.

There's a lot of people to choose but these are my best for me.
I don't know who I should vote as frihoster of the year, I guess I should spend more time on the site to decide something like that. I'll go with deanhills and truespeeds suggestions!

deanhills is pretty impressive and posts some great things so he should also be in the running if you ask me!!

Only 6 posts to this thread? I thought I would see more!

Oh yeah, and what did happen to Ocalhoun? Cool
BigGeek wrote:
Oh yeah, and what did happen to Ocalhoun? Cool
Last I know is that Ocalhoun was in a car accident just before the start of the summer holidays. He said he was recuperating OK but needed extra time to heal. I'm sure we'll see him one of these days again and maybe he will kick off with an epic post about the accident, the way he usually does it.
truespeed wrote:
nickfyoung: I don't agree with anything he writes,but he deserves a nomination for having the thickest of skins and taking on the wrath of P&R for as long as he has. Smile

lol exactly this ^

I tried adding ocalhoun on skype to see how he was but no response Sad
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