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You Versus the World?

Do you feel like that sometimes?
You have a long way to go as I did.
First off are we communicating.properly?
Are you feeling tired when you feel it's you versus the world?

Why do you sometimes feel it's you V the world?
Hmm, I perceived a 'me versus the world' situation when I was a homeless 16 yr old runaway, but over the years which have passed since then my social circle of trusted people developed and I now look at life as a 'captain of my team' playing in the world premier league.

Sometimes circumstances are more challenging than I would like, but hey I've only got 'first world' problems to be fair. I live in a country with free healthcare, education, welfare benefits, low murder rates, decent human rights, and minimum wage laws etc, so my little corner of the world is not a bad one to be competing in.

If I had to walk a mile for water each day, lived under some draconian oppressive government, watched my child suffer because I couldn't afford medical care, had to go without food if I could not find work, or was exploited in a dangerous sweatshop job for a couple of dollars a day then maybe you'd hear me bitching about it.
Living in the UK though, any problems I've got are just the stuff of good dreams for millions of people versus their own much harsher world.
I think we are here in the world to contribute..

What are we contributing for? We are contributing good works here as part of the world we need to do something good. Very Happy
When I decided to assume to my family that I'm bisexual it felt like this. I do not talk about it today, it's who I am. I think I decided to not make a fuss about it, this would be the easy way to live surrounded by tiny-minded people (mostly my family, fervorous Catholics and all) (P.S.: not saying all Catholics are like that). Today I'm only open about it if I want to go on a date with someone. Most of the time, I just look like your plain white heterosexual everyday girl.

And I'm atheist. But that's a thing I would never assume to my family. It would decidedly kill them.
Interesting remarks. WS I moved back to the Uk. I could not Agree more. Actually you are picturing yourself in an interesting way.
There are a lot of people who do not appreciate their situation and equally people in poor situations who still see life in a Rosie way.
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