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After developing website ..... Whats next?

Hie every one,

My Name is Avinash

I know How to design the website but the problem is I don't know how to get a ranking to my website.....

Can anyone Suggest me please......
Hi Avinash,

What kind of submissions are you using in your site for ranking?
Avinash1, the ranking comes by itself. As you write more posts, get links from reputable sources etc. Google positions it higher and higher.
Next is contribute something very useful. You cant get visitors or search engine position without anything. Quality content, permalink, on page seo and everything matter after your site creation. I recommending never go for link building without it.
If you use Wordpress or any other CMS, you can always use SEO plugins, those will help you make your website more 'Google-Friendly', and you can as well register on Google Webmaster (, it can show you many things about your google ranking !
use seo plugins and also subscibe to any seo service to get your website ranked up for few bucks. Smile
First share enough useful things, then promote in forums, linkexchange OR spen a few bucks to advertise on on others :p
You should go back after you've completed the coding for your website and add "alt" tags to your images and add titles to any other elements. When you do your keywords in the META tag section of your website, make sure you only target keywords specifc to your website. Backlinks help a lot like other people have stated, they can make your life a crap load easier. Now if you are designing a website that provides information on a topic(s), make sure the information stays up to date because google loves to decrease pagerank for the small stuff.
After designing a website, the next thing to do is to add content. But before adding content, figure out what niche your website is it. Then add content related to that niche.

Be regular in updating your website and adding something of value to it. Do not copy and paste from other websites. Be original and add your own content. You can write articles, share pictures and video on your website. The only thing to do is to be original. Also, while adding content, keep in mind that you need to add something that people are actively searching for. Do not add something that no one or very few are interested in.
You can get rank in Google by SEO or PPC , it helps a lot in ranking website.
After developing the website just be sure that:

you have not used your h1 tags more than one time in each page, and the only h1 tag in each page should only display the most important and main heading of the page.

You should not use your h1 to wrap around your logo.

Do some keyword research ad Google adwords keyword planner tool by using all possible synonyms of of targeted topic/ product or services your website is focusing on. From the output keyword ideas select the most relevant keywords with higher searches but lowest possible competition.

Use your selected keywords in your page content, headings, links, menus, and paragraphs specially the first and last paragraphs in natural looking way.

Don't do keyword stuffing and use your most important keywords 2-3 times/ 100 words only.

create title and meta description tags and use all your important keywords of the web page topic in natural and good way.

Submit your website in search engines; and in targeted countries websites and business directories.

revise this process for all other website pages.

Keep adding fresh content by adding new relevant pages, or running blog in your website to keep attracting major search engines.

Wait for the results!

Content, content, content. If you build it, eventually they will find you. Viral or word of mouth marketing is the best promotion.
Make your website user and Google friendly, distribute the keyword very well and then publish unique and good content.
You can get seo services to et ranked.
Build backlinks. I recommend the following

1. Web 2.0
2. Article Submission
3. Guest Post
4. Social Bookmarking.
i guess this is the most difficult part after developing a site.. the SEO ranking.
There is a great course about SEO on YouTube:
The next step is to advertise the website to get potential amount of visitors as well as the customers.
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