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my recent art

hi how are you those are my recents works:

hola pues dejame decirte que me parecen exelentes tus dibujos y sigue adelante.
You use water colour?
the colors in your first one are pretty. i like your driver-less car. it is very blue and purple and melancholy and stormy-like, especially with the lightning and the flag flapping in the wind. yay! your ninga-type person is also nice, i like how you don't have a colored backround for that one. i wish i could paint like that.
yes i used watercolor thank you very much for your comments
very nice arts. cong. keep drawing
los vínculos se murieron
there really is a fantstic amouth of quality art work hidden in these forums and some very talented user it appears, it was a joy looking at the art work on here.
Wow, I love the ninja!
I like the car - not very often that you see a left hand drive car in my country. Smile The fighter is great as well. Keep on Arting !
Thats great stuff. I wish I could work with watercolor like you do. I only worked with the stuff a few times, the product was not a good site.
those are mad! I'm in love with scarface and the ninja... especially the ninja. It reminds me of the animated part in Kill Bill one for some reason. I love the way the sword seems to just trail off into nothing towards the end... beautiful *saves*
Wild style - uncouth, raw but i like it. Something like a good old poster style Wink
wow.. i like it. its gorgeous. it looks like something out of a poster. *amazed*
They are very good!
I especially like the third one Smile
Keep drawing, youre good at it!
I would like to see that image on the side of a building in LA. Great contrast between the starkness of his silhouette and the more colorful background.
I love those. Do you know how long and how many colors you used?
3rd one is very very nice! gr8 work dude!
the painted car picture is very coooooooooool Very Happy
Olivia Wood
I'm really likeing the first one - the writing writings pretty hard to read, but the palm trees are still unbelievably cool. If you edited it a little, i'd make a great anti-war poster - or a great advertisment for an action flick. Wink

Did you edit the car picture after you scanned it? 'Cause that's what it looks like, and it kind of makes me wish you hadn't. The high contrast on the front wheel and the drivers'-side mirror is really distracting, for one thing. Contrast is usually good, though, so if I were you, I'd add more of it to that front corner of the car that's closest to the viewer. It would really help it pop out, and maybe help unifythe whole thing a bit - make the viewer go "oooh, car: pretty" instead of "oooh, wheel: pretty, oooh, front fender: pretty, oooh, windshield: pretty = oooh, car: pretty" ... if that makes any sense.

Also, the really dark shadow underneath the car kind of bothers me... maybe if you darkened the top left of the sky some more to even it out? I've been stareing at this for so long it could be just me, though. Wink

Anyway, in case I haven't given that impression: great job! Your obviously talented, so keep drawing! Cool

ps. I'm dieing to see that third pic with a background.
ninja is the best for me Smile
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