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What do I need to create first?

Hello Frihost people.

I'm currently envisaging creating a web page which require a lot of time, with many forms, texts, user login, etc. I've never created something like that, it's just like a personal challenge. I don't work anything related with systems or computers. It's my main hobbie.

According you think what need to be created first? design, programming, both.
What do you suggest?
First you should decide whether you want to use a CMS or if you want to write it on your own.
If you go for a CMS you obviously need to decide which one first, and then start looking for designs.

In a perfect world you'd write the whole code, before you even think about a design. The problem is, it's hard to envision a finished website with just barebones and unstyled text output. Ideally you want to have two individual parts. The code runs on its own and the design stands on its own. There should be no "design" elements in your code (that includes any html tags and even any messages) and if you need code in your design (crude example would be to have a blue background for visitors and a green background for users that are logged in), this should be handled by an interface, called "template engine".
If you can manage to do that, you'll have no problems with creating the design and code at the same time.
Story board something? Without a plan or a purpose sometimes a site can fall flat. It is just good to put in a little preparation before the thing even touches the server. It would be nice to have a perfect plan but that seldom happens. It is the editing later that bugs me. When you think of something later or you want to add on or change something the complications begin to take place. Something as simple as links that don't work or don't exist, pages that get lost or forms that don't make sense might happen just because of lack of planning?

If you already have a good idea of what the site is going to look like maybe coding should be tested first before you worry about design?
Thanks so much for your responses.

I don't looking for a CMS plataform because I want to create something different.
What I'm planning to create is a sort of free trading system where users can put free articles with some social content (I know thats is very ambitious)- I know php, mysql, html, css, javascript flash (tends to be out) graphic design, but i'm out of practice and I've forgotten many things. but I love to create and programming is like create a new world.
Good luck!
I actually wanted to do something similar. A platform where people can trade tutorials ("you teach me this, I teach you that"), but I found many platforms already existed where people trade that knowledge freely.
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