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I Believe ....


I believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky ... Smile
Lol! I Guess he needs more practice before off to fly..... Anyway he has the enthusiasm. All I can say is "Try and try one day you can fly".
Oh My GOD, hahahhaha unbelievable.
I don’t your name guy but my money is on you. You just keep on trying buddy; you just keep on going. I am thinking someday if you really want to get up there and make it you will. You might need to loose some weight to do it but after watching you, I can tell you are a winner. You tried, you gave it your best and to me you are already the best of the bunch. The others well they are either doing something that is nothing spectacular (for them) or on the sidelines. But you did your best. Applause
Strange basketball game where he is allowed to run with the ball like he's playing rugby or American football?
Good luck to him though, keep exercising and consuming less energy than he uses and he'll easily get to a stage where he is no longer obese.
If he's happy choosing to be fat though, again good luck to him...doesn't affect my life in any way.
I believe I can buy a jet and fly, but that doesn't mean I actually have the money too, one day...I might just fly...
copac23 wrote:

I believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky ... Smile


Very nice try..

Believe on your dreams and believe you can do it next time.. At least he tried.. success on his part!!

I salute you my friend.
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