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Your earliest games console?

While going through some storage boxes today I found my old 16 bit Sega Megadrive console with 1993 copy of PGA Golf II.
All the cables and controllers with it as well so I'm going to have a go later for sentimental reasons more than anything. Spent hours playing this with mates back in the early 90's, wonder if I'll be disappointed with it this time due to the superior xbox of these days, or maybe a retro bug might kick in and I'll be hooked again!

What's your earliest console stories Frihosters?
My very first was the original Atari many many years ago...wish I still had that in a box somewhere Smile
My earliest was a NES Master System, with the light zapper and dual Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge.

Before that, we had a Commodore 64, and a couple disk banks of games/software. Both were awesome systems, and I used each until they didn't work anymore. I still miss some of those games!
Ankhanu wrote:
Before that, we had a Commodore 64, and a couple disk banks of games/software.

Ah, my mate had a Commodore 64 and I was a bit jealous with my lowly Dragon 32 which was based on the TRS 80! I remember hours of typing code to make games, or loading for ages on a stand alone tape deck haha.

Got my Sega working just now and had a quick game, crap graphics to be honest but easy play (I still remembered the controls, like riding a bike!) so I think I'll start a tournament later see if it hooks me in like it did back in the 90's Razz
I had a console that had nothing but Pong on it with 2 options - You could play against another person or the console.
I started playing videogames on PC, and unluckily so far this has been the only videogame console I have ever had. Crying or Very sad
Wow! One of these??

That would be worth some cash in perfect condition these days for sure!
I have Commodore 64 and this is nice time because I have near hundred games on type. Some of them need lot of time to load, some of them never load, some of them make me really happy. Wink

Beeeppp, beeee, beeeeppppp, beee, bipppp, biiiiiiiiiiii..... Razz

I got a Atari 2600 in the early 80s... I had some games:
Pac man
Jedi strikes back
and some more

It really was my brother's, but I think I've spent more time playing than him! Our neighbors owned Mega Drives too and we exchanged games. Times were tough for hardcore gamers. I remember playing Sonic 1 and 2, Tiny Toon's Buster Hidden Treasure and McDonald's Treasure Land. It was the summer of 94 and my cousin and me spent nights and nights playing video games. I feel so old right now hahaha!
You're making me feel like I was born yesterday, my first console memory was much later with Playstation 1 and I used to play on PC before that.

I bought the console for the hyped Final Fantasy VII and lost the whole vacation playing the game. I don't regret it at all (still consider it to be one of the best games ever made), but my thumb was done after the holiday from using the left analog stick.

Tekken 2 was another game that made my hands look as if I was a retired goalkeeper.
My first video game console is a bit 72. Bit 72 is a clone of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). I think i bought it on 1992 with my dad. I think some of the old nintendo games are better than modern games. I like interesting simple games rather than boring games with excellent graphics. I have some old original game cartridges from some different game system like super mario bros. 1,2,3 for nes, super mario world 1 and 2 for super nintendo entertainment system (SNES), quack shot and tiny toon hidden treasure for sega genesis / mega drive, mario kart 64 zelda 64 for nintendo 64, bomberman light for gameboy color, sega genesis ultimate game collection for playstation 3, and many more. Right now i only have nintendo wii game console but i do not have the original nintendo wii game copy. Maybe someday i would like to have new nintendo console and new playstation console that can run game emulator to play old games from old game system. Some old game is unbeatable by newer game on the market. For me, there are so many boring games on playstation 3, xbox 360, nintendo wii u, and ouya game consoles.
watersoul wrote:
Wow! One of these??

That would be worth some cash in perfect condition these days for sure!

No. Mine was from Colecovision.
standready wrote:

No. Mine was from Colecovision.

Just had a look on ebay and there are still plenty for sale:
Wow, 40+ years old and still going strong, I wonder how many xbox's will be still working in 2053?! Maybe we'll be playing hologram games by then, although I'm still waiting for flying cars like in comic books from when I was a kid!

I've surprisingly got back into my golf game again, even played a few tournaments with my son who thinks its a laugh...may search ebay for a few more cartridges...haha, loads: Smile
My earliest gaming console was the NES. I didn't have many games but I got really good at Super Mario Bros. 3 which was still very useful when I played New Super Mario Bros. Wii, many years later.
Well computers always but N64, PS2 then I started going backwards Laughing starting with a megadrive
My earliest game console: There was this Chinese Game Console called Terminator or Terminator 2, I don't remember whether there was a 2 in the name or not.

It was a pretty good console for us kids back then. We could insert cartridges and play games like Mario, Adventure Island, Tank, etc.

But the problem with the console was that it was of low quality. The buttons in the joypads kept getting stuck. The console itself did not last for that long. If I remember correctly, the console cost an equivalent of today's 5 USD in my currency.

After that console, I switched to computers for gaming. PC gaming was fun for a while. I could play GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas. I was stuck to the same computer and I still have that computer which can just run GTA San Andreas. I did not upgrade and so I have not yet tasted new games. Now, I am waiting for my friend to bring back a PS3 (sadly not 4).
My first (and only) game console was the Nintendo Family Computer (Nintendo Entertainment System elsewhere). Smile
My first gaming console was my computer. I played Supaplex, Tetris and Age of Empires on it. On the next computer I used to play Vice City, AoE2 and Commandos. I never had any other thing to play on until I was about 18.
I have an original nitendo that me and my cousins used to play on at my grandparents house. My own earliest is an N64 which is by far the best system ever put out in my honest opinion.
My earliest was SEGA Mega Drive.
I started with an SNES (my favorite system), then went to an N64 (which I liked, but not as much), and finished at the original XBOX somewhere around 2002 (which wasn't nearly as fun as the original games). I pretty much stopped playing video games around 2007. All of my video games are in working condition but boxed up and in storage for right now. When I improve my living situation and find somewhere permanent - and not temporary - then I'll get back out my games and play them occasionally when I have time.
I had an ATARI clone. That black box with pong, weird soccer game, frog thing on it. A few years later I had an SNES clone
Computer was Commodore and I was plying the game named "Pong";
I'm a late bloomer I guess, looking at your posts Smile

My first console was psx and before that I only played on a NES-ripoff called Pegasus, which was very popular in my country at the time (I haven't seen a single NES or SNES in my childhood). I played on PC few years before that, but that's not an ancient experience either, as my first computer was 486DX 166mhz. I have lots of gaming childhood memories, but yours must go way back-er.
I suppose the Atari 2600 was the first one - I still got it in the storage but no joysticks.
Mine is PSP
In my younger days I had the original PlayStation, later on we had the classic Xbox as my sister had the idea to give our PlayStation away.. I also had the first Gameboy aswell as the newer one Gameboy Advanced. This was years ago, now things have changed Wink
First generation Gameboy
I suppose the Atari 2600 was quite bad - asteroids was a bad version and pacman ouch that one was lousy. But the design was great, on the outside.
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