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Wordpress Dashboard Slow

In the past few months I have seen a decrease in speed on my Wordpress dashboards hosted on FriHost.

Is this a global issue, or is it just me?
Seems fine for me, no noticeable difference in speeds to wordpress installations on my paid hosting.
I'm server 1 on Frihost by the way.
I was aware that there have been issues recently on Server 3. I wonder if this have been straightened out yet.
medesignz wrote:
I was aware that there have been issues recently on Server 3. I wonder if this have been straightened out yet.

By who?
Can't comment on the Server 3 situation but if you're hoping for admin like someone is searching for in the "Is Frihost die?" thread, I'd suggest sorting some paid hosting if anything related to your business is hosted on it Wink

*Edit* Haha, my blog is down right now, only realised when tried to preview a yet to be published post...10 minutes now, may sack it off and go back to my PGA Golf II on old-school Sega I found in a box today Smile
@Watersoul. Although I agree with you that if one is running a business and wants top notch quality Website space, that paid hosting may be a better answer, there is some truth in medesignz's comments too, and Bondings would be the first one to acknowledge it. I'd say considering we haven't had an Admin who has access to the root files of Frihost providing support to members over an enormous length of time (we're talking months and months here), it's a miracle we're doing as well as we are. Fact is the quality of my Website space as well as medesignz's is not the same as it was at the beginning of the year. It's probably OK for average use, but compared with the excellent quality of space we had had up to May before Server 1 was hacked to pieces, we're not really doing as well as we used to. Instead of Mercedes Benz, we're in Volkswagens, and that's probably OK for some of us who aren't that much into bells and whistles, like me too, but Mercedes Benz standard may be what some of the Websites were thriving on before, and are now plagued with less than perfect situations, like medesignz has just described.
It's been a while since I last posted in my Wordpress blog (since August!) and today when I logged into my dashboard and it was REALLY slow.
I think with multiple issues that FriHost has been suffering in the recent months, I am still happy to be a part of everything here, but I have had to move some of my more serious stuff to other servers. But I am a Volkswagen driver, so I mustn't grumble, but I do things running and being as sufficient and practical as they should be. Saying that, I don't think Wordpress is considering too much about speed of the dashboard with their updates, more about speed of the sites it produces.
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