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Latest Xbox One vs PS4

Which next-gen console will you buy?
X-Box One
 0%  [ 0 ]
Playstation 4
 100%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 3

Okay, so Microsoft did a terrible job with Xbox One at first, but then they picked up their game and made many compromises to make their console competitively again.

Obviously, back when the critical announcements were made, everyone was on the PS4 side. How do you look at things now? Do some of you have plans to buy the new Xbox instead of the new PS?
i would definitly go for a PC; console geeks -.-
This is not a rare thing these days. More people are turning into PCs since there were so many years since the last generation of consoles had hit the shelves. Not to mention the fact that the PC specs will quickly outpace the next-gen console specs.

That being said, I have to side with Playstation 4. Microsoft has just made too many errors and for their attitude alone they deserve to be punished. After all, they were trying to scam us in so many ways, why buy their new console in return?
Well, the Xbox One-Eighty is, at the very least, a console I could imagine buying now that the ridiculous restrictions are removed. But as a hardware device compared to the PS4, it has slightly inferior hardware (not a huge deal, will barely make a difference and both will be far behind a gaming PC) and, most importantly, it costs $100 more. That, I feel, is the biggest fault. There just isn't enough value to justify the higher price point. That is, unless, the library is strong. That will determine the best console of this generation. Right now, both the PS4 and Xbox One have rather boring launch lineups. All of the titles I was interested in have been delayed. Heck, I have a PS4 on preorder, but I have no enthusiasm for it because of the lack of interesting titles (might end up cancelling it). As it stands, the Wii U has the strongest library (as underwhelming as it may be), and honestly looks like the most interesting buy at the moment. Consoles just need good titles to be interesting. Also, the PS4 does not even support DLNA or MP3 files, which kind of kills it as a media hub.

I'm sticking with PC gaming and enjoying the PS3's now well built catalog. And that's what's really funny, among all the consoles that will be sold this month, the PS3 appeals to me the most, followed by the Wii U (with its support for the Wii's entire library).

Oh, and here's to Steam Machines. Very Happy
Nice post and I see you are a well-oriented consumer!

I am not a gamer lately, as I don't have enough time unfortunately, but I agree with your judgement. PS4 has better specs, but it is still a higher mid-range PC. I would stick to it, but lack of Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Disgaea on PC is something which forces me to buy a console (unless I want to play just the first two on a ps2 emulator).

Ps3 will be a great buy when its prices will get cut further after Ps4 will make its debut.
I don't particularly care much for any of the launch titles on either console. The games I'm really looking forward to won't be released until 2014. That said, I still pre-ordered the ps4. The xbox one has far too many negatives to buy at launch. I think the best approach would be to see how it goes moving into 2014. I might pick one up if it turns out to be good.

I have to say, it's not looking good though. Many of the games are running at 720p compared to their counterparts on the ps4 with will be running at 1080p native. They still will be upscaled to 1080p, but that has me a bit worried that the xbox one specs fall a little too short. There is still hope that, it's simply a developer issue, meaning that they need more time to figure out how to use the esram to get games up to 1080p, but that means it's harder to develop for than the ps4.

I know a lot of gamers aren't too concerned about resolution, but I have to ask, what's the point of a new console if it plays games at the same resolution as the previous generation consoles? What's the point of having a 1080p television if you're not going to make use of it. Yes, I know most people buy tv's for satellite, cable, or regular tv, but there are a lot of those that buy televisions for gaming. It's just a little disappointing when you see the next gen game line up and they don't meet expectations.

I think this will be an interesting generation of consoles.
If I could I would buy a Play Station 4. I have been reading and watching videos about these two consoles online. Everyone seems to like PS4 better because it costs less and has less limitations that Microsoft's console. But the Xbox One is not that bad I guess. I have heard that it's camera is always on and you require an internet connection always to be on, to play on the new Xbox.
Xbox one is on the shelfes and do not sell but PS4 is still sold out...
Klaw 2
I Ďhave preorderd the new xbox here in the Netherlands, but for some reason it isnít out yet :/, on one side it sucks but on the other side Im happy with it... The games for the xbox one donít really appeal to me. Also Microsoft did promise every1 who had preordered the xbox one 2 free gamesÖ though I hope they some good games and not fifa :/
More on that later.
Im a halo freak, (Iíve played every single one)so Iím getting the new one, and Iím really (really really (over 9000 times really Razz)) looking forward to the new bungie game, Destiny. The only other game Iím looking forward to is the Witcher 3 but Iím getting that one on pc since it carries over your save from the older versions and I have a good pc so the graphics will be betterÖ.
I have saved up a bit of money so the 100 euro price tag for the xbox one isnít that big of a deal to me. Iím almost done with my studies too and Iíll be able to afford it to buy that kind of stuff. Also for the 100 you get the kinect with the xbox and though Iím not going to dance in front of my TV I think the technologic is kind of cool.

So when halo 5 or destiny comes out and the xbox one isnít still available here I might get it online from Germany, England or France, or drive to the nearest town in Germany with a game shopÖ :p.
There are some PS4 is stores now but why buy it? There are only few games, mostly shootemups... Until a good title comes along... Maybe the EA UFC will be a reason to buy it.
spinout wrote:
There are some PS4 is stores now but why buy it? There are only few games, mostly shootemups... Until a good title comes along... Maybe the EA UFC will be a reason to buy it.

I played a little bit of Infamous Second Son on a friend's PS4, and it's actually really good. Maybe not as good as Infamous 2, but it's still hugely fun. I know that makes for only one game on the PS4 worth getting, but at least there's now something worth buying the system for.
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