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What do you do when you get bored?

These days, the time before exams has become such boring days.

What do you do when you get bored?
Same problem here.
But I will play games,watch movies.
When I did exams, I used to snack or watch TV when I got bored. Haven't done any in a while.
Enjoy every moment of it, because when you grow up, work, family, hundreds of duties and obligations will steal every last bit of your time only to spit you out when you reach retirement age Wink
I watch some serie on Netflix or just hear some music reading blogs and news.
When I'm bored I tend to try to make some music, read, work on some of my hobbies (wargaming, roleplaying, etc), try to think of interesting hypotheses to test, or maybe write. Occasionally I'll just watch some TV or something.
peopleverse wrote:
Enjoy every moment of it, because when you grow up, work, family, hundreds of duties and obligations will steal every last bit of your time only to spit you out when you reach retirement age Wink

As an adult, I don't really agree with this Razz
We make choices in how we spend our time and how we separate our obligations and free time. It's pretty easy to compartmentalize your activities such that you get some free time to pursue hobbies or just relax.

(yes, I recognize the joking nature of your post)
It can be a serious issue. I like to keep busy and always have a project on the go. I have been renovating my house part of which is bricking over the weatherboards to make it a brick veneer. I haven't quite finished but have had to give up because my arthritis has about seized me up. The only option now is to sell as it is and move on to something else. That will be projects in the Philippines where I can afford to hire the manual labor bits and just do the organizing bits myself. The only trouble now is, while waiting for the house to sell I am getting very board because I can't physically go out and do something. Sit at the computer for a while, watch a bit of TV, have a snooze, but very board.
Question bored? I'm never bored - there are so many thing in woman's life to do. I can't get enough of sleep Idea
When I get bored, I like to build myself a website or two and sometimes I watch a movie online.
Listen to music, read a book, watch TV, or maybe take a nap. I'm rarely "bored" though because there's always something to do!
You should make yourself very busy with a lot of stuff to do in your life. The activity should be useful activities that can makes you a better better person on the future. Do some business, writing a useful article or forum post on your own website, learn some new skill, teaching something useful to other people are some example how to fill our spare time in our daily life. Use our time wisely since we have to responsible whole our life to god.
Play games. Listen to music. Read books. Sleep.
I play lots of games recently, but sometimes I do other things like read and talk with friends. Sometimes I watch TV shows and movies in my free time too. Basically any of my hobbies.
Lately I have been watching lots of movies and shows online. Lots of youtube too.
I also browse money making forums. I signed up for some free online training courses
on stuff like advance css since css is a big weakness of mine, but I been too lazy to start! LOL
There are always things to do it is just applying myself to them so call it lazy not bored.
I should do something useful but I then procrastinate and play a videogame or eat candy...
harrer wrote:
These days, the time before exams has become such boring days.

What do you do when you get bored?

Wow your amazing.. never been get bored before exam as I have to review lot of things as far as I could remember when my college days... Anyway to answer the questions, most of the time when I get bored in general, I just drink beer with my friends. yeeeeaaaaahhh!!!

Party-party all night forgetting who you are haha.. wtf..
I take sun bath and lay down under clear bun sunny sky Very Happy
Play around on the world wide web. Belong to a truck forum that I visit and am a supervisor at a live incident dispatch website that sends SMS messages to peoples phones notifying them of incidents in there area.
Read story books or just go to sleep.
watch fails on youtube
Whenever i feel getting bored I use to visit some restaurant or beach in order to get my mind freshed .
i forgot what boredom feels like. the last time i felt boredom was so long ago.
when i feel getting bored , start listing the music and reading books..its best way to refresh the mind..because it divert the mind to doing other things.. Razz Smile Very Happy..
i never wanna to getting bored in my whenever i feel getting bored then at a time change the mind and divert in to doing other things which are refresh my goes to any peace place where i feel relax and comfort ..
Read a book or magazine (even if I had already read it)
Browse reddit, which often makes me bored.

It's a never ending cycle.
Well, I'm unemployed so I know the feeling. Here's some things I do:

1. Play video games.
2. Look at things online. You have internet. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Smile
3. Watch videos on Netflix or YouTube
4. Read a book
5. Listen to music (although that be included in 2 or 3)
6. Make music (wish I had a guitar, but there are free music apps)
7. Write a blog
8. Build a website (still haven't done this, so I must not be as bored as I think lol)
I usually work on my website, surf the web, or play my playstation 3 or psp. I'm very content with those when I'm bored.
i dnt like getting bored because when i feel bored i unable to understand what can i do for change the mood...then i have great idea i never gonna to feel bored like i am try to busy myself ...Smile Razz
well actually the best way to deal with boredrom is to make other peple bored lol
Music, watching shows or get to sleep Smile
When I'm tired I usually try to create some songs, study, perform on some of my interests
I usually play videogames.
I do nothing when i get bored but i will try to enjoy playing games
I can't understand "bored". There's always something to do. There could be a pause or something in between doing it, but doesn't usually last long with me.
harrer wrote:
These days, the time before exams has become such boring days.

What do you do when you get bored?

I visit friends or find more works online.. lol
go to a lake and shout out : ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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