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Was Windows Stolen??

I've heard a rumor that when windows was invented it was stolen. Does anyone have any more info on this or am I the only one?
you mean stolen as in copied code, or rather the concept of having a GUI for an operating system?
I heard they bought the GUI code..
I know they bought DOS which then evovled into Windows.
thought dos is from windows
Yes.You are right.
Bill stole it from Apple (Mac).

Have a look at this.
Mac Paint in 1984.Does it look familiar?
The first user-oriented OS was MacOS. Shortly after that, Microsoft released the first graphical Windows version, which looked suspiciously similar to windows. Apple sued Microsoft for stealing the look and feel of MacOS, but they ultimately lost the suit.
It is well explained in the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" which came out in 1999. I seen the movie and think it is really good. I recommend it to all those who are reading. Basically, this is what that movie explains :

As it goes, Steve Jobs (from Apple) actually "stole" as well as Microsoft. Steve Jobs was able to convince people at Xerox who were making a graphical interface the crown jewel to see what they were doing and to ask questions about it. Microsoft bought Q-DOS (Quick [and] Dirty Operating System) from the Seattle Computer Company for $50,000 to resell to IBM for $50.00 a copy. After IBM and Microsoft signed the deal to license MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and instantly became one of the richest people in the world. Microsoft was doing work for Apple and got a few prototypes of their new Apple Lisa machine (which featured the graphical operating system that they got ideas from Xerox) and developed Windows from their graphical operating system.

It's really thrilling to see that people would actually do that to get things they wanted, but it's really interesting since it's not really considered as a crime if you wanted to call it as "stealing". Xerox made the first graphical operating system, Steve Jobs from Apple got ahold of the crown jewel to copy it, and Bill Gates from Microsoft got a few prototypes from Apple to make software for their computers, but yet instead he stole a lot of ideas from them and made their own operating system, which eventually turned out to become the Windows as we know today.

Really mind-provoking, isn't it ?

And by the way, "Lisa" from Apple was named after Steve Jobs' daughter. They got their logo from an apple, which was Steve Jobs' favoriote fruit. He only eats fruit, he thinks it's "pure".

- Mike.
Hey izcool, nice history... knowledge is for all Cool
yeah, that was an excellent summary izcool.

m_furquan36, is that sig referring to the installed size of Vista, or the source install files' size? holy shamrocks that's big...
If that is about 18GB for Windows Vista, then Windows XP is probably the latest operating system that I'm going to be installing on my computers for awhile. That's a bit excessive, isn't it ? I mean, where could it all go ?!? (Sorry if I'm hijacking this thread, I don't mean to).

- Mike.
I agree with Indyan.

I watched great movie about young Bill and about his business with stoling GUI from Apple Smile
supersonic wrote:
I've heard a rumor that when windows was invented it was stolen. Does anyone have any more info on this or am I the only one?

Can you explain more clearly what stolen is?
There was an unsuccessful movie out and I beleive the title was "the Pirates of Silicone Valley" or the pirates of something.

I don't recall it being a great movie except for how it traced the history of how Gates and Jobs started out.

Gates was negotiating with IBM and IBM had the computer so Gates told them the computer was worthless without the opperating system and the con was on.

The first computers had no graphic interface. No pictures on the first screen, you had to remember the keyboard codes to talk to the computer. The graphic interface (point and click, menues) was invented at Xerox in Rochester but xerox did not know what they had. I think the first PC was invented at Xerox, but again, they were int he copy businesss and they did not know what to do with an orginal idea.

Anyways, I think it was Jobs that conned Xerox out of the graphic interface.

Look for the movie "the Pirates of Silicone Valley" or something like that to get an accounting of how it started.
It is very hard to get a complete picture. The Internet is packed with people shouting "MS STOLE EVERYTHING" but that is a pretty simplistic view. Nowadays we could also say Firefox stole some of their ideas from other software, which in its turn also stole its ideas from other software, and so forth. Few ideas are 100% original.

Also there is the argument that Microsoft got big by buying other software companies. They did, but they didn't just do that. If that is the key to their succes then anyone should be able to buy some companies and make a lot of cash. Things just aren't as simple as many on the Internet would make you believe - and some indeed believe so themselves.
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