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What's your internet speed?

What is your internet speed?
56k (dial-up)
 6%  [ 4 ]
256k (really slow DSL)
 29%  [ 18 ]
1.5mbps (average)
 26%  [ 16 ]
4-9mbps (cable/Fast DSL)
 22%  [ 14 ]
10+mbps (Coorperate)
 14%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 61

What is your internet speed. Dial-Up (ak.a you still live in the stone age) or is it LAN (a.k.a 10mbps). Do you like the fast internet.
I use a DSL speed of 5mbps and I love it. Everything loads really fast.
Amend your poll to include 128k ISDN and I might participate
supersonic wrote:
I use a DSL speed of 5mbps and I love it. Everything loads really fast.

Wow that's fast. i have only 800 kbps which goes to 1500. But i have a limit of 1500mb Sad . And thats really not much. But we will chance from provider. But how much do you pay for 5 mbps
Rhysige wrote:
Amend your poll to include 128k ISDN and I might participate

I was in a rush when I made this so i didm't get a chance to add that one and it is not letting me go back to it.
devroom wrote:
supersonic wrote:
I use a DSL speed of 5mbps and I love it. Everything loads really fast.

Wow that's fast. i have only 800 kbps which goes to 1500. But i have a limit of 1500mb Sad . And thats really not much. But we will chance from provider. But how much do you pay for 5 mbps

I got a deal from my cousin for like $20 off each month. Total it only costs around $25.
10mbps LAN is the best! I love uni! Very Happy
SunburnedCactus wrote:
10mbps LAN is the best! I love uni! Very Happy

Same here. Too bad though, p2p ports are capped.
512Kbps Is the Max my local exchange can get Rolling Eyes
well Incidentally i have quaite a few connection option...

  1. ISP Reliance CDMA dialup 115KBPS
  2. ISP TATA CDMA dialup 115KBPS
  3. ISP BSNL 256 KBPS ADSL connection... with 1GB limit...
  4. ISP BSNL 512 KBPS ADSL connection... with 10GB limit...
  5. ISP Reliance 512 KBPS with 15GB limit.

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
How much you pay for Broadband?

I live in Rayong,Thailand and this is my rate.

At office use ADSL 1024/256kbps we pay 1,000 Bath.
At home I use ADSL 1024/256kbps and pay 700 Bath.


It will cheap more if I live in Bangkok.

and what about in your country?
How do people live with Dial-up and ISDN they are soooooooooooo slow. I upgraded my internet from dial-up about 3 years ago and i would never ever go back. I would rather not have internet. By the way to anwser your question my internet speed is 9 megs. It is soooooo dang fast.
I have dialup now I had DSL but the bill was to much so I have to pay it off before I can get it again. I hate dialup its so slow compared to what I had before.
People live with Dialup and ISDN because we have no better options, some people cant afford higher rates other people (such as me) can't possibly get anything faster without going to sattelite and costing 60-80 bucks a month (aussie) which is 3-4 times what I pay already, plus the fact I get unlimited hours and downloads so if I want somehting I will download it overnight.
I really just don't like dial-up with passion. Oh well, I've got a fast internet now, so no worries! Laughing Cool
IQARA gives me unlimited Night time plans from 10:00p.m. to 10.00a.m. @ 256kbps @ 550Rs.

Good enuf in India...

I'm able to get download speeds in excess of 22kBps which means atlead 1GB of data gets downloaded every night Twisted Evil
me on 256k Sad slow but reliable. can stay connected for 3 days straight
SunburnedCactus wrote:
10mbps LAN is the best! I love uni! Very Happy

Oh I loove lan!!! I agree it is the best! everything loads sooooooo FAST!!! it's amazing!
I'm currently using a 6Mbps cable connection and I'm loving it, lol
seanooi wrote:
I'm currently using a 6Mbps cable connection and I'm loving it, lol

hay guyess pls mention that whether u have a data limit or its unlimited??
Before i used I use a DSL conection of 256kbps, and it is not so slow...its way faster than Dial-Up...
I am using 512 kbps in Singapore.. Not fast yet not slow. Just nice. I wanted to change my internet plans to 1.5 Mbps but I am still in contract Sad..

Anyway.. Singapore's internet is expensive and not as advanced as other countries.
Hi here in Portugal some Providers offer up to 16 Mbit for almost one year by now. I just changed from 4Mbit to 16 and it´s a lot of fun now. Now it´s possibele to host some RTS like Freelancer with out any glitches...

Actually I use a DSL speed of 4 mbps and I find it very good for my needs.
Maybe in the future I will get a DSL speed of 12 mbps if it comes with good prices.
Anyway my actual connection is good and quite fast.
i use cable internet with high-speed internet
my internet speed is more than 1 MB per second
i use a 115kbps conection , it is good at here since no faster service is available here with wireless conectivity, which is the best part of it ,so i can surf anywere, thanks to CDMA technology and our serviec provider
Running Adelphia "High - Speed" cable. Basically the whole ISP blows and as well as their connection but it beats anything else in my area. Only other offer is Verizon DSL and that isn't up to par either. Would really like RoadRunner or Comcast.
256k WiFi connection for me Sad
subscribed for a 24Mbps service but only got about 2.6-3Mbps due to the distance of my house from the exchange....sighz...some guys are real lucky =)
My electrons move at the speed of light
I subscribe to 266k wireless connection, but I am usually getting anywhere from 750k to 2.6MB Very Happy
I have 128k satelite. I as stuck with 28.8k dial-up for the longest time but no I can actually do things.
2Mbit/s ADSL
Mine is 3Mb/s (not an option on the poll so I can't vote!) but we are just starting to see faster speeds in the UK outside of London. 2Mb is the fastest I can get for now though, hopefully that will change soon.
I use 512 Kps. and 3 Gb. Limits From Turkey pay for this about 20 $ per Mounth Crying or Very sad Maximum connection my country is 2048 and about 185 $ Crying or Very sad per mounth expensive for the all WORLD
I've got 2Mb bandwidth, not bad, but cheap Wink
I've seen ads about dsl 2+ or so, with 20megs bandwith.
anyone's got that? is it really true?
i have a 384/128 adsl line. costs me 40euro/month but unlimited downloads, very stable though very slow....
max speed for home pc here is 2mb which costs like 150=euro/moth gizz....
Kyle Katarn
I've got 1.5Mb/up, 512Kb/down ADSL. I majorly need something faster, but this is the fastest available where I live. I pay $25 a month, and have unlimited bandwidth. But they charge $20 a month extra for a static IP, so thats why I use Frihost.
My Internet provider tries to tell me that i have 3mbps connection what is a lie of course. You see, I live in Poland Razz and small private Internet providers aren't great. And 3 weeks ago i noticed that my connection is worse that earlier. I hadn't 3mbs but it isn't slow connection and i hadn't many problems with it. But now I cant play on the Internet! I have high ping even to Polish good servers. It's horrible and I don't know what to do ;-(.

Me use a 256 kbps connection with 1 GB caps (HOME) and 512 kbps connection with 10 GB caps (Office).

The cost are Rs. 500 (~ $12) and Rs. 1800 (~ $42) pm.
6Mbps down/800kbps up is the claim. 100GB transfer. Actuality is that uploads rarely get above 120kbps and bittorrent and DC have had uploads completely capped, which also affects the ability to get tunes with your iPod. Its on all the time, but the speeds are never realized.
512/128 adsl for me..yeh its not xactly litnin fast cable but we got it super cheap with hepas of frills and xtras bundled

for clarification, just cuz ur lasn is 10mbs does not mean ur internet is. i cud b only 6mbs. the '10' only indicates what the total bandwith possibl is
I have a 2mpbs download speed and a 800k upload. I would have 8mpbs but we do not get it in our area yet. I used to use the standard usb modem that came with the connection but since I got my new belkin router coming through ethernet or wireless it has boosted my connection massively.
I've got ADSL (1.5Mb/s down, 256Kb/s up) with TPG Internet in Australia for AU$50 per month (~US$37). It's really good value, 20GB download limit, after that, the speed is capped, and uploads aren't counted. Unfortunately, that plan isn't available any more, so I'll be forced to change soon, probably to Exetel (which only has 16GB of download for AU$60 a month).

ADSL2+ is becoming more and more popular here, but unfortunately, not every exchange has been upgraded yet. Once my exchange is upgraded, I'll be moving to ADSL2+ (some companies have 24Mb/s with a generous download limit for only AU$60 per month!).

In Australia, ADSL is a lot more popular than cable (and generally cheaper, too).
I have a 1600 kb/s connection and no download limit
and i'm quite happy about it.
if I want to download a very big file like a linux dvd.
I just leave it on over night.

Why the hell would you need a 10 mb/s line,
If you can get a slower one much cheaper?
I've got 1.5 Mbps DSL, but it's good. I used to have dial up last year.
24Mbps DSL unlimited data transfer, don't I love it Very Happy
I am using 128kb dsl unlimitied.Service is good.I feel 128kb is good 5mbps i cant belive.
1.5mb Singnet

If I remember correctly, it's 1150kb down, 350up.

Unlimited bandwidth /time.
my official speed is 5mpbs, but i usally get anywhere from 3.5 to 4.9
I am using Airtel GPRS via Motorola c350. The connection speed is 115kbps.
Silly gonzo... electrons don't move at the speed of light. Laughing
They move quite slow actually.. few meters per hour if i'm not mistaken.

Only in a vacuum an Electron can get close to the speed of light(c) but never reach it.

So, if your electron moves "inside" your cable it doesn't move at the speed of light(even ifyour cable was a vacum it couldn't!)

The transfer rate of the charge is 299,792.458 km per second. But the electron itslef is slow.

Anyway! An electron can't move at the speed of light. =) (yet xD)

My connection is 1.5mbps
Use DSl 700 + frm Verizon...runs much faster....dial up noway.
i use 256 kb but gonna to increase it to 1 m.b

in the coming few days
I have 128k, and its too slow, I wish I had at least 1mb Sad
Right now i have got 56k Dialup (LOL) but in a few days i will be getting 1.5Mb ADSL with a 10GB worth of downloads
8mbit dsl ^^ and its neat.. its just that when i start uploading it goes really slow and it sux Very Happy
I don't think dial-up is still existing at this time. I just remember my old days and the tone relieving in dial up. If you use dial up now this days i thing you are wasting your time.

The most common is broadband for this days but broadband 3G is getting slow now i guess 4G broad band is the best in wireless connectivity.
I pay for 15 mbps and usually get 10-17mbps.
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