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Who wants to win the lottery? Well thats a stupid question, everybody. Does anybod not want to win the lottery? If you were to win the lottery what would you do with all of that money?
I could do so much. I would buy a huge house. I would get a really nice car. I would start my own web hosting business. I can't even list all of the things I would do with it.
Billy Hill
IMO, lottery is just a tax on people that are bad at math. Wink
I don't want to win the lottery, on the basis that it would be a physical imposibility because I don't play lotto. Who, in their right mind, would? It's fairly obvious that on average you lose money (very, VERY few people win anything signifant). You're probably more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the shop than to win the lotto. There are only three types of people who play lotto: desperate people, people with two much on their hands anyway, and idiots.
The lottery ticket influentials many kinds, you looked which kind
wants, but I felt plays the lottery ticket only treats as the
People probably like the lottery becuse it is a form of gambling. I have only played the lottery once or twice. I still think that it is amazing how many people are addicted to playing it. Since you have more of a chance of getting struck by lightning when whearing a rubber suit then ever winning.
I would be satisfied with a second prize...the jackpot brings too much attention to yourself...and it's too much money for what i need it for Razz
i dnt personally play as i see it as a waste of money!

but if i was to win or gain a large some of money i'd first pay off my debts, then i'd pay off my parents and siblings debts and then buy a house for parents and have a custom one built for my self!

be great Laughing
i want to win, but don't want spend any money to gambling company. win and ruin all of gambling company in the world. only one from million people get money from gambling. the rest money goes to gambling company
i will buy a big house with a big pool
and enjoy myself
Put it in the bank and use the interest to become a philanthropist. I would establish a trust to give back to the community. I'm not ready to retire. I might use the interest to pay my salary and volunteer full-time.
Buy more lottery tickets.. with the hope of winning more.. >.< This is absolutely greedy (man's nature). Anyway, I won't buy any, the probability of hitting one is too low.
What would I do with so much money??? Wow I think I would buy myself a new computer and then go on vacation for a little while, but most important of all I think it is important to still go to school... Being rich does not make you smart... If I could choose though I would rather become smart and have a normal income... Once you are rich the more you want and that causes you to want more and more... Lets take Christmas for example: after opening all you presents you go look under the tree again if you have not overlooked a present... that just shows that you are not 100% happy with what you have got... You want more!!! But don't worry ME too!!!
i hate lottery, and that sort of things. The only thing i won in that type of drawings was a bike, and was obviuolsy, beacuse i had lots of coupons hahaah. since that drawing i didnt pay lottery or drawings more.
and what would i make with the money? i think that i wouldnt waste it all as most people does, i would save it at a bank and spend a little buying an apartment in "punta del este" SmileSmileSmileSmile
Put it in the bank and live off the interest...heh you'd never run out!
ManOnFire wrote:
Put it in the bank and live off the intrest...heh you'd never run out!

???????? ive never said that i would live off the interest, only dont want to spend it all
Its will be a great idea if you write a cheque to Bondings.. So that frihost will be better.
gonchiweb wrote:
ManOnFire wrote:
Put it in the bank and live off the intrest...heh you'd never run out!

???????? ive never said that i would live off the interest, only dont want to spend it all

I wasn't really refering to your post, only what i'd do with the money.
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