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Candy Crush

I think Candy Crush is the most popular Facebook game at the moment. I haven't played it for a month or 2 because I had to stop when I realized I spend hours trying to complete levels. I think I'm stuck some where level 80.

Anyone else addict to this Facebook game ?

one of my friend is number one in playing candy crush..

Honestly, she always invited me to play for it but i don't play computer games. As far as i can remember playing computer games is i was elementary school playing family computer games and brick games.
i also play candy crush quite often. i am addictedted to it in my mobile phone. I don't often play it in facebook though. I also haven't linked my account with facebook.
i never heared about that game lol
I'm in 170 level that's difficult.. Sometimes I'm getting bored. Confused Confused
stuck at level 53.. cant get 3 star.. delete game
I don't understand what's the big hype with Candy Crush. How is it that much different than the millions of gem liek games in the past? There have been things like for ages, I think the only difference is that Candy Crush utilizes social media so it makes it easier to pull in your friends and keep the pyramid scheme alive. However, I'm sure that it will all die down someday just like Angry Birds and things like that.
I have never played this game but all my friends play it. The game is quite addictive I guess. I see my friends borrowing phones and playing the game. Is the game that fun?

I stayed away from this game because I do not want to get addicted to another game and waste hours upon hours of my life trying to complete it. I know that the game is really simple and involves just tapping on your phone screen. But, I have bocked the game invitation in Facebook, so I do not hear about this game that much.
I have played the game a little bit, but yeah I don't understand how this game is suddenly so popular when compared to all the other puzzle games that were there before. I think it's just a runaway thing, where it has snowballed in popularity simply because more and more people are playing it. I don't think there's anything in the game that makes it better than all of the other copies out there, it just got lucky and got picked as one of the more popular ones.
my friend has like 10 more levels he is on 430 and then hes beat the game, so far im on level 38 all 3 starred.
I'm so addicted to this game I got to lvl 350 in 6 months Shocked
I wasted so many hours playing this game. Time which I should had used for something productive. This is one of the most addictive FB / Mobile games.
The Swedish office for hired 1 person per week last year! That is impressive! The game itself is for mid aged ladies ....
tourdedom wrote:
I'm so addicted to this game I got to lvl 350 in 6 months Shocked

I had to get away from it after I reached level 90 I think. Level 350 is something I can't even think of. lol
I play this game.......but now I feel bored.
supermanlovejan wrote:
I play this game.......but now I feel bored.

That happens with any game after a while or when you complete all levels or even when you can't complete a level for too long. It seems Candy Crush has 100's of levels so I guess you got stuck somewhere.
Many people are crazy for Candy crush game. I also like to play in free time. Its very interesting game.
steeve wrote:
Many people are crazy for Candy crush game. I also like to play in free time. Its very interesting game.

I have not tried it but i think its boring.
I never tried that game.
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