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Job searching

What do you guys do when you are unemployed? There's always the obvious of looking for jobs and honing your resume and interviewing skills, but to be frank, there's a lot of downtime when you are looking for a job. What do you guys do int he mean time? For me, I try to keep busy with volunteering or doing internships, whether they pay or not. It's a good way to keep busy and gain some experience as well as meet some people who may be able to help you find a job later on. Or maybe connect you with people who may be able to find you a job later on.
I'm currently unemployed again... the joys of working contract to contract!!

I spend a lot of time on the internet Razz This is both to kill time and to look for work...
When motivation hits me, I play music, get some ideas for songs for my band(s).
I work on my hobbies; primarily painting gaming miniatures, creating table terrain, or conceiving new game mechanics, systems or settings.

Honestly, I don't get out a whole lot... but other than going to work, I don't really get out when I'm working neither.
Locally, there aren't very many opportunities for work in my field; there have been 3 jobs I've applied for within an hour and a half drive of my home in the past year. With that in mind, volunteering, while it can be fun and fulfilling, I wouldn't get the same sort of connections opportunities that you do.
I also search for a decent job, I studied all my life but I never could get a real job (with payment I mean), I'm only working for free...
I keep searching for a full time position while getting as much freelance work in as I can. Maybe one of those projects will lead to a permanent position.
Finding a job can be hard work and take lots of time and effort. You need to spend time searching for vacancies, putting your CV together, filling out application forms and preparing for interviews. Sometimes it become so hard and looks difficult that for a while you think that you can not get job.

I applied for numerous employment opportunities and sent of letters.

I attended lot of interviews, telephone interviews and others.but hardly i got responses from some companies. However, some businesses simply didn't respond at all.

Finally after long effort of hunting, and lots of moral support from family, I am now employed in a small but good company.

My advises for anyone thinking of looking for employment
Do not give up - something will turn up eventually.Apply for as many jobs as possible. Determination's the key.
Try to get some work experience in the field you want to work in. Employers want to see experience as well as qualifications.
Ask for feedback after an interview. This will help you improve on areas you're lacking in.'
One very important believe in know yourself what ability do you have
Apply as many jobs as you want
Read and follow instructions carefully.
Research the company.
Check both the job and person specifications.
and more more more
Good Luck
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