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Good Graphics Program?

Does anybody now a good program for making web graphics. Not like flash, but like logos and other things like that.
Yes. Abobe Photoshop CS2.Wink
Macromedia Fireworks is very good for editing images for the web. It has good features like exporting straight to flash or dreamweaver. You can download a free trial from
If you want to create graphics using vector work, Adobe Illustrator is good.
illustrator seems to be the most widely used for vector now.
Im still a huge fan of coreldraw
Photoshop all the way Very Happy I think you'll find it easier to find help when going with either photoshop or illustrator, because those two are the most popular.
supersonic wrote:
Does anybody now a good program for making web graphics. Not like flash, but like logos and other things like that.

To build your own website, firstly, you design your website layout including which elements you want like contents, colors, animations etc.
Secondly, edit your layout using some Webdesigner program as Front Pages, Dreamweave MX..., to edit your images you can use Photoshop CS ....
Next, to build your animation either flash or gif or both, you can use Flash editor or GIF Animation Editor...
Good luck!
I've used both Fireworks and Photoshop CS2, but I have to say that I've been a huge fan of Photoshop for a long long time.

I find it to be a fantastic product, and it's one of the few products that grows as you do. When you first start out with some basic image editing, it's right there for you, and is only as complicated as you want to make it.

Later on, when you start to use different layers effects and brush effects, it gets more tricky, but also mroe rewarding. I used it a lot to do graphics for our online gaming tournament, which is based in Battlefield 1942. The context is all based around different scenarios playing out in WW2. Consequently there's a wealth of both historical images and documentation that can be edited, merged, and manipulated. I love the different variation of methods that you can use in Photoshop to do all of that. Plus there are great tutuorials out there for you to make everything from realistic looking medals (metal effects) to smoke damage, realistic holes, etc etc.

Here's a few sample images, both of which I conjured up in Photoshop.

I've not found the same ease of use, or capabilities in Fireworks.
When I want to draw new graphice with line or comic style I use Illastrator and when I want to retouch or reder image for web I use Photoshop.

I agree, Illustrator is the best for creating vector images, while Photoshop is great for retouching photos...
If you want to use free software I would suggest Inkscape as substitute for Illustrator and The Gimp for Photoshop!
well... u see i think a combination of all the grafic softwares wud be creative to make a logo, or a signature... u know like Adobe Photoshop CS2, stills from Combustion4, and 3D geometry from 3Ds max... but prpare to empty your pocket!!! Wink Brick wall
I hear from a reliable source that Photoshop CS2 is a good program to use and so is adobe Illustrator. I use gimp that is a really good program to use. You can find it in fedora core or you can donload it. Just run a search on it on the web. It works better in linux.
Adobe Photoshop's the big daddy... Fireworks too is good...

But didja ever try XARA

Xara is simply the best graphics software for all your drawing and day to day photo needs, ideal for both print and the web.
It is a perfect solution for everything from simple logos to astonishingly detailed illustrations.
Also has simple one click auto-enhance of your photo through to awesome photo compositions.
Create superb web graphics, from smart and sharp navigation buttons to eye catching animated GIFs.


And 4 a one-stop resource for Xara, easy step-by-step tutorials, Featured Xara Artist Galleries, Shareware, Tips and Tricks, Free Brushes and Fills and Links to sites created with Xara and other important Xara Information, Click here


And hey.... Supersonic looks like he's in real hurry to get points... Wink
The Adobe Suite is really the best out there. When you get Adobe CS, it will contain a variety of programs each with a specific focus. In order to cut costs I recommend reading about each program and deciding which one is best for you. That way you only have to purchase one program. Another option is, if youare a student, to find out if your school sells an educational version. These versions are full versions meant for students to learn and practice with. This can save you up to 75%. As for your pictures, you really need to know if you want to create colored and photo-realistic images or more iconic or black and white images. Go with Photoshop for the first and Illustrator for the second.

Photoshop User since 2.4. Yeah baby!
well, if your poor like me, download a program called GIMP....It's free, and a near photoshop good....
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