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Your favorite Trekking destination(s)?

Trekking is one of the best travel activities that there is. We get to forget city lives and travel through remote places. We get to breathe the fresh cool air in the mountain regions. The most important part of this journey is the scenery. Wild and hardly touched beautiful mountain ranges that sets a cool motion in our minds.

Walking for days can get tiring. The weather and the altitude can be hard to handle for some but if you can go, the trip is worth it.

So, my question to you all is:

How many treks have you been to and where? What is your favorite trekking destination?

Personally, I have been to just two trekking destinations. Although, I live in a country that is popular for such destinations, I have not yet met a great group with whom I can go on such trips regularly. I've been to Ghandruk (was ok) and Langtang (was awesome). Out of these two, I liked Langtang the most. We climbed up to 4400 meters in what was called Kenjin Ri in Langtang. That is like the highest altitude that I've been to.

And the day after tomorrow, I am visiting the most popular trekking path in my country: Annapurna Base Camp (a.k.a. ABC). I am quite excited about this trip. Only a couple of us are going but it will be fun. Should've gone there before. Actually went around 30% of the trip when we visited Ghandruk.

Another Question: Have you guys been to ABC?
I go trekking quite often and have trekked in many places around the world. One of the best places is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, USA. The trails are upkept and world-class. People travel from all over the world. If you're interested in cross-country off trail hiking, there are thousands of really good and easily available books that guide you to awesome places by using landmarks and such. Maps are very easily available and good. There are popular routes where you see many people - which is good for safety. If you're like me and don't want to see any people, there are places so remote there that you can walk for a week or more - 100km or more - and not see a single other person. People travel from all over the world to hike there.
You should go trekking in Nepal! It's like the Mecca of trekking. Encompassing 8 out of the 10 highest mountains, we have trekking routes of various difficulty levels and remoteness. From popular trekking routes like Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base camp to less crowded destinations like Inner Dolpo, Rara Lake and Dhaulagiri circuit, you have the option of choosing how crowded and convenient your trek is going to be. Some routes have many tea houses and fully furnished accommodation facilities, while others don't have so much as a health clinic.

I, myself, recently went trekking to the Gosainkunda lake with 12 other friends. It's a fairly easy trek, but is still demanding if one is a newbie trekker. We reached the lake (4380 m above sea level) on the 3rd day. The entire trek took us 5 days. If you're new to trekking and have limited time, I'd highly recommend this trek.
Thanks guys for the replies.

I have completed my trek to Annapurna Base Camp successfully. The trek was great. We took the long way to Annapurna Base Camp that is first going to Poon Hill and then heading towards the great ABC. The trail was fun with mountains and what not. We did have two days of rain and that was a bummer.

When we finally headed towards Annapurna Base Camp, the skies cleared up and everything was nice. The weather was perfect and it was really nice meeting people from all parts of the world. What I enjoyed most about the trek was the final destination of the trek. We were right in the foot of the mountains, one of them being Mount. Annapurna I, the 10th highest peak in the world. We were surrounded by the mountains and everything was great.

This was one of the most fun treks that I've been to with some great scenery.
So it's like taking a long walk? And what exactly does "destination" mean? It sounds like you go there from wherever you live. Or do you drive there (or take bus etc) and then walk around?

I've taken many day trips around the german alps. Get there early in the morning, hike for 6-8 hours, then go back home.
TomS wrote:
So it's like taking a long walk? And what exactly does "destination" mean? It sounds like you go there from wherever you live. Or do you drive there (or take bus etc) and then walk around?

I've taken many day trips around the german alps. Get there early in the morning, hike for 6-8 hours, then go back home.

Yes, it is like taking a long and difficult walk. You pack all the things that you need for a certain number of days. Then you take a bus and stop at a starting point of the trek. It is usually where the road ends. Then you enter the wilderness, walking through forests, hills, rivers, water falls, bridges and many other sights.

The path to trekking is defined and there are others who are going or coming back as well. The path is not easy as well because you will be walking everyday for hours, carrying your supplies in your back (you can take porters as well) and gaining a lot of altitude. Due to this reason, treks usually last for days and you stay in small cabins with accommodation facilities. You can camp out there as well.

It is nothing like taking a 6-8 hours trip to the German Alps. The alps are a fun destination for lots of tourists and I am not sure whether long treks are done in the alps. But in the Himalayas, treks last for days and the sight is just great. Even the feeling of achievement while standing at the foot of some of the tallest mountains is really great.

May be, you should try it one day, if you are interested, that is.
There are so many options to do trekking. I like the hilly area of Alaska very much. Because there is so space to do trekking. We can enjoy with our friends.
hi , I love Trekking . I have been several beautiful hill areas. Manali, India is my favorite destination ever . Its natural beauty will definitely spellbound you .
I trek and hike in the Tatra mountains on the Polish and Slovak border. It's a great place with beautiful scenery.
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