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A sudden mass exodus of all technologically skilled persons?

How would you feel? Take action?
That would be screwed up! But I'd take no action/support action to prevent it.
 33%  [ 1 ]
That would be screwed up! But I'd take/support action to prevent it.
 0%  [ 0 ]
That would be perfectly fine. I'd take no action.
 66%  [ 2 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 3

How would you feel if for whatever reason, everyone with the skills that make running the internet possible, design advanced fighter aircraft, perform life-saving surgeries, etc, were to suddenly leave America, and go to....say Russia? What if Russia were suddenly going to experience a sudden boost in power in every way imaginable, while we, America, would lose significant strength in security and comfort?
This is a question inspired by Elysium btw.
Anyways, would you feel the government had the right to prevent all those people from leaving? Would you, if you had the power to do so, give them the right to restrict all these people from leaving if it posed a significant security risk to the stability of our country? What if you, hypothetically, had the power to prevent such people from leaving, but if they were to leave, you could not join them wherever they went, and your quality of life was guaranteed to drop drastically? Would you feel it was unfair for them to leave, thereby causing your quality of life to diminish?
Don't know anything about Elysium, but it sounds very similar to the plot of Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged. All the movers and shakers in the USA leave to form there own society because of forces beyond there control.

Countries do it all the time in reality. The US and Canada offer visa's to talented folks, especially those coming to get degrees in higher education. Those people also have much higher chance of gaining citizenship then anyone else too.
Iraq would be a great example - but then the US doesn't have a Sadam Hussein. Sadam Hussein refused exit visas to science and technology graduates to study overseas, to even attend conferences. It set Iraq back decades. I'd imagine if your science and technology brains would leave the country it would be a great calamity, but if you restricted them from moving, equally so. Science and technology are not only local but international - like an umbilical cord that attach the two together. Probably would be in the interest of the US Government to make sure that its brainpower doesn't leave the country, by making it worth their while to stay.
The brain drain has been happening for years in the UK and I suspect most other countries,they all end up in the USA,so I don't think you have any worries. Smile
truespeed wrote:
The brain drain has been happening for years in the UK and I suspect most other countries,they all end up in the USA,so I don't think you have any worries. Smile
Good point. Razz

As I understand it however, Jory was not so much concerned about people leaving the USA as much as whether it would be right for the US Government, and perhaps any Government for that matter, to block its professionals in science and technology from leaving the country.
What leaders of a country have to do when something like that happens is think about what they are doing wrong and try to solve the issue if it is so important for the country. And not force people to stay if they don't want to.

And most of the times the solution is very simple. If you want someone to stay pay him more. Almost always what moves people is just money as for anything else in our stupid selfish society. Sadly few people are moved nowadays by the ideal and hope of a better life for everyone.

It is curious seeing too how still US people seems to be frightened about "evil" Russia. It is not first time in these forums. Are you really so brain washed? What is the problem if people decide to go and work in Russia?

You should try to listen more to people like Noam Chomsky or even just the truth in Michael Moore documentaries or truth of wikileaks, ... Pay more attention to what is being done wrong by your own leaders and how many human rights your country is breaking in recent years, how many violations of international laws. Don't you think that would be better for your people than chasing after phantoms? It is sad how many times US people very easily call traitor anyone that reveals anything done wrong by their leaders instead of listening to them while at the same time they are suffering the consequences of their leaders mistakes and lies.
This is the other side of immigration that peopke often don't look at. People in the States love complaining about immigrants coming in but don't often realize the benefits they receive from immigration at the detrimant to other countries.

That is a major issue here in Africa. Education is extremely poor here and anyone that does make it and does receive an education is usually on the first plane to the U.S. or U.K. when they're very easily granted a visa just because they're a doctor...

Unless you have an economy that is able to provide lucrative jobs to highly educated people, those people will leave and unless the country imports educated people (I'm educated and actually immigrated here FROM the U.S.), the country will fall apart.
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