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Any developers / designers looking to take on a new project?

Ghost Rider103
For a while now I haven't been doing as much design work as I am used to. Some of you may already know that I've had a pretty big interest in design and web design in particular recently, though my programming knowledge is very subpar compared to my design skill set.

To pick back up the pace, I was thinking about starting up a new website project. I have a couple ideas in mind and have done a few drafts as well. I think for some of the ideas though I will need an extra bit of help, preferably by some people that are mainly interested in working on personal projects to learn more and gain extra experience.

I think what I will really need is someone who has good experience in a few different programming languages. HTML/CSS being a must, perhaps some php and an understanding of how a CMS works. I'd like to start up rather small, but slowly build the backend of the site so it can do more. Like holding users, user data, etc.

Not sure if I would really need another designer. If you are a designer however and are interested, feel free to send me a PM. I could always send some small tasks your way and/or get a second detailed opinion on current work for the project.

Anyways, if anyone is interested at all in getting involved, please do send me a PM with your skill sets and perhaps some contact info!
If you use CMS i suggest to use Joomla.

If you are interested in building a Joomla site Just let me know. I can help you build you Joomla site. Very Happy
I am currently engaged commercially but if you have any technical questions on Javascript, Html, css or PHP.

My website: specializes in vector and bitmap graphics and a lot of information exists there for making interactive front ends. I am currently working in London England for a major medical supplies company. I'm providing an animated learning kit that all works in any browser on any device.

If your interested in making the front end of your website interactive and engaging for your traffic/users. You can also send me messages from my website or post them here.
I can help you with CSS/HTML and PHP but I am also professionals and my time is limited. Contact me from my second site (signature link) if you need some help or post here.

Ghost Rider103
Thanks guys. I'm not too sure which engine to use for the back-end, like WP, Joomla or something totally different.

I have most of the front end work done, the layout of the site is all designed and coded. I'm basically looking for more people to help with the back-end things, like user reg/login functions and such.
Currently I'd say the trend is Wordpress rather than Joomla (as was previously implied). At least if what I see on is an accurate representation of what people are looking for right now (and I certainly think it is). Unfortunately right now I simply don't have the free time to take on another project. I am finishing up my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in December! However, if you have questions about wordpress or maybe just php in general, I'd be happy to assist.

Speaking of which if you're interested in hiring someone you can have a look at I happen to do a lot of work through there and I really enjoy it. Smile
johans wrote:
If you use CMS i suggest to use Joomla.

If you are interested in building a Joomla site Just let me know. I can help you build you Joomla site. Very Happy

is Joomla 3 responsive web?
I have been in the same boat for the last few months and just stumbled upon your post. I have web design experience and can code html/css as well as some php. I am head deep in progressing my skills in php development. If you would like help I'd be more than happy to assist as I have been looking for a project to work on with someone else rather than on my own. I'll pm you.
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