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Experience with VOIP SIP phones

If you want to use VOIP as a replacement for your regular phone it's not much good using something that connects to your PC because then the PC has to be always on. However a phone that connects direct to your broadband router using an Ethernet cable bypasses the need for a PC.

I have been using a Grandstream BudgeTone 102 and have found it pretty good. Sound quality is just the same as an ordinary phone. It has two limitations however:

- while it has a second Ethernet connection for a PC it is a switch not a router so will not work with most broadband services which only offer one dynamic IP address and not two (I need one for the phone and one for the PC). One solution to this problem would be to use a separate router but this would be yet another electricity-consuming device that would need to be left switched on.

- it can be configured for only one IP service. I would like to use one service for outgoing calls and another for incoming ones.

What experiences have others had with SIP phones and would you recommend yours?
Hi aardvark,

I`m using a normal analog phone connected to a device connected to my router. It converts the voip stream to normal analog signal and gets the IP Adress from my router. A real voip phone is more expensive ($ 50+) than this device ($ 10) and I already had that phone before, but I do not have as many functions. Soundquality is as good (as usual phone).

Often there is a latency (not depending on this device, depending on voip in general) of more than three seconds. But for free (with flatrate) it`s acceptable.

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