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Apples to Apples

I know that this forum is really about computer and console gaming, but I have to share about my one of my favorite board games. It's called Apples to Apples. I guess it's not really a board game because it doesn't have a board, it has cards.

It's really great for parties, both when you know most of the people and when you don't. Have any of you played this game?
haven't heard nor played this game.

kindly educate us.. Smile Cool
It's so great! It's really simple so that you can play it with large or small groups. Of course it's a little hard to explain without trying it out, but I'll try. It's kind of like crazy card mad-libs.

First you have two different kinds of cards. Red cards, and green cards. The red cards have nouns on them. You are holding seven of them. They are usually things like Lucile Ball, or Your Friends, or Atomic Bomb.

Then there are green cards. They have some sort of descriptive word on them. They are usually things like spooky, greesy, naive, dangerous etc.

Every round a green card is laid out so everyone can see it. One person is designated the judge, and they don't do anything for that round. Everyone else sets one of their red cards face down. You pick whichever red card you think best suits the green card. There are no rules to what you can pick, just whatever you think the judge would like.

After all the red cards are down, the judge picks them up, reads them outloud and picks the one he/she liked best. That person wins the green card on the table, and is the next judge.

The game continues until someone reaches the designated number of green cards won. Usually something like seven.

It's a great game! Very Happy
Sounds fun.

But since I don't do parties, it might be hard for me to do!
Yeah, It doesn't have to be a party, just a get together. You know, maybe a pizza, a few friends, that sort of thing.
I have many questions...

Do you justify your choice? I like to argue my points and try to convince people about things, i think this game could be really fun with tha modification.

Is an ideal group going to be on the small side or on the large side?

Is there a number of people at which it gets to be too small to be fun/productive, or a number which it gets too big/confusing?

This sounds like it would be really easy to make your own set of cards for. is that true?

For that matter, about how many cards does the game have?

Has anyone tried both this and Cranium? If so, how do they compare, esp in terms of replayability and skill development (i.e. will I get too good to be fun if I own the game and play it more often)? I remeber hearing good things about both, but have never played either.

Thanks for your help!
By the way, some games I like are Mafia and Taboo.

Taboo is a lot of fun; you have a set of cards in the format:

you can't say any of the taboo words (actually, phrases sometimes) or any of their parts, nor the guess word. You have to try and get people on your team to say the guess word; i often play with a house rule that once someone says a taboo word, you can use it too.

because it's team-based, you can still play fairly even if you're very good, if you're teamed up with a poor or beginning player. even so, you can quickly memorize all the cards. i'm working on a system to generate new cards automagically using the internet as my source corpus, but until then you can try the taboo database:

Actually he gives a fairly good description of the game here, probably better than mine:
I've played Taboo, and I am no good at word games like that, but I still really enjoy it. If anything it's just fun to see how bad I am at the games.
If you like Taboo I think you would like either Apples to Apples or Cranium.

Bookface, you could definitely argue your point. However, while the judge is deciding you can't let him/her know which card is yours. That is supposed to by annonymous. Sometimes I argue for someone elses card just because I think it's so clever. Really you could modify the game however you would want to suit you. The game comes with some variations already; like ways to make it speedy, and switching the red and green cards.

I'm not sure how many cards there are, but there are a lot. It is true that you see some repeats if you play the game enough, but if you're playing with different people the results are completely different. Plus, I think it's close to impossible to get the same red and green card match up.

You might be able to make it yourself, but it would be a lot of work. Actually the game comes with a few blank cards so you can fill them out yourself. You can fill them out so that they mean something specific to the group your playing with.

Cranium is also a lot of fun. I think Cranium is the game of games. Kind of like pictionary, charades, triva, words, clay shaping, and humming all in one! It's great fun, I wish I owned it. Sad I've only played with friends that owned it.

Hope this answers some of your questions.
I forgot to post the rules to Mafia:

Unlike Taboo, which I think works well no matter what the group size or familiarity between the group members, I think Mafia is improved by being played with a close group of friends (though it's still a nice and often interesting icebreaker, and LOTS of fun.)

Cranium sounds like it leaps too wildly through different ideas to be interesting to me; I think I like to stick to one focus/goal when I play a game. But maybe that's not the way it works out in actuality, and in any case i see the point of balancing strengths and weaknesses by having many categories like that.

Apples to Apples definitely sounds like something I'd be interested in, though. I will be sure to check it out.

Thanks for your helpful comments, vlnjodie!
I just realized I've played Mafia before!!! It was awesome. I couldn't remember the rules though so I haven't been able to play them since! Thanks for posting them!
Glad I could help you, too, vinjodie!

I'm pretty definitely going to buy Apples to Apples one of these days when I make my big holiday purchase at the bookstore with my 15%-off-one-order discount... it's been making eyes at me every time I go look around.
I know how that is! Book stores are just dangerous no matter what.
hey vinjodie, I just bought Apples to Apples as a holiday gift for my friend and played tonight for the first time. I really enjoyed it, very fun game.

He's very into games with a lot of talking and communication and this is definitely one of them... though it would be nice to have more debate before the judge. It is hard to root for your own card without giving away that it's yours. We played in a small group, though -- just 4 players -- so it would probably be better with more people.

And it's unexpectedly tricky to try and judge whether it's a good idea to save a card for later or to play it as a throwaway when you have no options. We already came up with a house rule: if none of the options match at all to the green card, the judge can decide to throw in another (random) green card to help decide the vote. One of the best moments was when we played to a green card of Healthy: Penguins, Red Loon (or something Loon), and Mohammed Ali. The judge selected another green card, and it was... Appetizing! He still didn't know what to do, but ended up choosing the Loon.

Another good moment was Smelly: Carnival Workers. And the most approriate match was American: Apple Pie. The caption for Apple Pie read ... "As American as apple pie..."

I really llked the captions, I felt they added a lot to the game. We had each judge read the captions out loud. I won for Cruel: Castles because it made a reference to the burger joint we find disgusting, White Castle.

We all enjoyed it and it definitely spurred discussion. I feel like Taboo is a better icebreaker, especially with a mixed crowd that has one or more inside groups that know each other, because the clues given often give insight into the personality traits that are well known by close friends and make them visible to others, and at the same time new shared jokes and catchphrases are made. But I feel like Apples to Apples would be an excellent follow-up for people after they got a little more comfortable with each other, and that it wouldn't get old amongst close friends as quickly as Taboo. It definitely was the perfect gift for the person I bought it for, though, thanks again for your helpful and accurate description. I only wish he wasn't going back home so soon, I think I may have to buy a copy for myself a little later on.
I'm so glad you liked it so much! I haven't played it in a while, and hearing about your experience makes me want to break it out! Happy Holidays.
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