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Draw & Guess Contest

The contest is over and the results has been posted ↓

This contest is divided into two parts. Each part can be seen as a separate contest because you can take part and win coins in one without taking part in the other, but you are of course more than welcome to take part in both parts.

Part 1: Draw the sentence
9 October - 24 October.
To take part in part 1 you first need to send me a PM telling me you want to take part. I will then send you a sentence that you should try to describe by drawing an image. You can use whatever graphics editing program you want, but you are only allowed to use the pen, brush, eraser and fill tool. The image should not be more than 400x300 pixels and should not contain any letters, but digits, arrows and other symbols are allowed as long as you draw them without using the text tool. Save the image in PNG format, upload it to and send me the link in a PM.

Part 2: Guess the sentences
25 October - 12 November.
When part 1 has ended all images will be made visible so that everyone can guess what sentence is described by each image. To take part in part 2 you should send me a PM with all the sentences in the order they appear in the post. Note that you will not be given any hints or alternatives to choose from. All you have to go on to decide the sentence is the image itself.

The sentences
The articles has been removed from the sentences. All sentences contain exactly 5 words. Not all sentences makes too much sense but if you receive a sentence in part 1 and think I made a mistake please let me know as soon as possible.

The prizes
Coins will be awarded to the three contestants with most points in each part (in total: 170 coins).
  • First prize is 50 coins.
  • Second prize is 25 coins.
  • Third prize is 10 coins.

The points
In part 2 you get 10 points per correctly guessed sentence, less points if some of the words are missing or incorrect. I will ignore minor misspells and errors like missing s at the end of verbs and singular/plural differences as long as it doesn't change the meaning of the word. Synonyms will not give full point but might give you more than if you left it out. You don't lose points by being wrong so better pick a random word than leaving it out.

In part 1 your points will be the total amount of points that was given from people guessing on your image in part 2.

If you take part in both parts you should not guess your own sentence in part 2. Instead you will be given the amount of points you got in part 1 divided by the number of contestants in part 2 (you not included), rounded to the closest integer.

So lets say I get the following sentence in part 1: Stupid fish climbs tall tree.
And draws this image:

In part 2 someone else seeing this image might think that the man on the left is crazy because he is hitting himself. The fish and the tree is obvious but how is the fish coming up that tree? Is it flying, jumping or climbing? So in the end maybe he comes up with the sentence: Crazy fish jumps up tree.

When I give points to this sentence I would think crazy is similar to stupid so maybe I give one point for it. Fish and tree are correct so I give 2 points each. He also has the correct idea that the fish gets up the tree somehow so I might give him an extra point for that which gives 6 points in total.
At first I thought it was a competition that required being a good artist. I'm really BAD at drawing art. Then saw that it's much more than that. Have sent you a PM. Looks like a great competition. Cool
Alright, this sounds fun. I do hope I'll have enough time to put something together.

Sent you a PM. Very Happy
Good contest.
PMing you Wink
I want to take part in both.
Will there be a way to earn coins from the first part?

Would (scaled down to 400x300) camera taken photos of our hand drawn paper drawings be accepted?

Will you identify the person who drew it? (and possibly bring great shame to their family)

Can we do a "pass" for when someone can't draw the sentence and be given another sentence to draw?

And I assume that animated gifs will not be accepted.
jmraker wrote:
Will there be a way to earn coins from the first part?
Yes, as mentioned in the first post you can earn as much coins from part 1 as you can from part 2.
jmraker wrote:
Would (scaled down to 400x300) photos of hand drawn paper drawings be accepted?
jmraker wrote:
Will you identify the person who drew it? (and possibly bring great shame to their family)
Yes, but not until the end of part 2.
jmraker wrote:
Can we do a "pass" for when someone can't draw the sentence and be given another sentence to draw?
No. I know some sentences are more difficult than others so part 1 will be both skill and luck. Part 2 is more fair in that sense.
jmraker wrote:
And I assume that animated gifs will not be accepted.
The image must not be animated.
is this started?

I am sorry but i don't get and understand the games are there any samples?
zimmer wrote:
is this started?
Yes. Part 1 has started and ends in about a week (24 October).

zimmer wrote:
I am sorry but i don't get and understand the games are there any samples?
Have you read the first post?
This sounds really fun, the first contest that I am participating in on frihost Very Happy
Count me in! I would love to be a part of that. Very Happy
Just want to remind you all that tomorrow (Oct 24) is the last day to submit the images for part 1. So far I have handed out 11 sentences and received 6 images.
It's now time for part 2 of this contest. I have posted all the images below, anonymously labeled A-I. Please, do not discuss the images, and do not reveal who did what image, while the contest is still running. The rules for part 2 is described in the first post, but feel free to ask if anything is unclear.









Do any of the phrases contain filler/padding words like "the", "of", "and", "a", or "I" ? (extra words to make a sentence longer)
such as "The lee of the stone".

Can you say if you (Peterssidan) drew/submitted any of the drawings yourself? (you did more than the example drawing)?
jmraker wrote:
Do any of the phrases contain filler/padding words like "the", "of", "and", "a", or "I" ?
such as "The lee of the stone".
In the first post I pointed out that the sentences did not contain articles so a, an and the is in not in any of the sentences. I prefer to say no more.

jmraker wrote:
Can you say if you (Peterssidan) drew/submitted any of the drawings yourself? (you did more than the example drawing)?
No I did not.
I just want to remind you all that part 2 of the contest is still in progress. I have not received many answers so far and much of today was lost because of the downtime so I'm going to give you some extra time. 12 November is now the new last day to submit your answers.
A. truespeed

Open hand hits prime minister.

Sylin: Reading hand hits British man. (5 points)
harrer: British man gets face punched. (2 points)
codegeek: Opening door punches British man. (3 points)
jmraker: Closed handed punching prime minister. (6 points)

B. codegeek

Tiny cat catches hairy monster.

Sylin: Tiny cat fights cyclop monster. (7 points)
truespeed: Little cat attacks giant spider. (5 points)
harrer: One eyed monster eats cat. (5 points)
jmraker: Cat attacking large fuzzy monster. (7 points)

C. deanhills

Drunken sheep sells used clothes.

Sylin: Awkward cat draws abandoned clothings. (3 points)
truespeed: Cat with map finds clothes. (2 points)
harrer: Cat steals clothes in forest. (2 points)
codegeek: Messy lion plays car videogame. (0 points)
jmraker: Naked wolf is cold outside. (0 points)

D. jmraker

Smelly rice cause brain pain.

Sylin: Smelly weed hurts human brain. (6 points)
truespeed: - (0 points)
harrer: Smoking grass kills brain cells. (3 points)
codegeek: Stinky spaghetti hurts man's brains. (4 points)

E. Sylin

Lazy cow learns basic chemistry.

truespeed: Bored cow studies laboratory plans. (3 points)
harrer: Cow learns Chemistry with chemicals. (6 points)
codegeek: Asian cow studies Chemistry book. (6 points)
jmraker: Tired cow studies biology science. (4 points)

F. cybersa

Popular doll without hair dies.

Sylin: Tiny people hangs bald man. (2 points)
truespeed: - (0 points)
harrer: Leader gets hanged for leading. (1 point)
codegeek: Confused bald leader hangs himself. (2 point)
jmraker: Crowd person loses at hangman. (0 points)

G. william

Frozen mummies eat other mummies.

Sylin: Cold mummy eats fellow mummies. (7 points)
truespeed: Iceman eats man and woman. (3 points)
harrer: Mummy eats other mummies tonight. (8 points)
codegeek: Frozen Iceman eats two mummies. (5 points)
jmraker: Frozen mummy eats other mummies. (10 points)

H. harrer

French tiger plays tennis alone.

Sylin: Artistic tiger plays single tennis. (6 points)
truespeed: French tiger plays wall tennis. (8 points)
codegeek: Happy French tiger plays squash. (7 points)
jmraker: french tiger plays pistachio racketball (7 points)

I. independence

Dragon digs tunnel through wall.

Sylin: Dragon digs tunnel through walls. (10 points)
truespeed: Dragon digs holes through wall. (9 points)
harrer: Dragon shovels coal through window. (4 points)
codegeek: Horny dragon digs wall hole. (7 points)
jmraker: dragon dug path through wall (9 points)

Results part 1
  1. independence 39
  2. william 33
  3. harrer 28
  4. codegeek 24
  5. Sylin 19
  6. truespeed 16
  7. jmraker 13
  8. deanhills 7
  9. cybersa 5

Results part 2
  1. Sylin 50
  2. jmraker 46
  3. codegeek 40
  4. harrer 38
  5. truespeed 34
Congratulations and well done everyone! Applause
Excellent contest Peterssidan,I am surprised how well some did with their guesses considering the randomness of the quotes,some even getting them word for word.

Not one person guessed that Dean had drawn a sheep. Shocked
lol, the result display is hilarious

Congrats everyone Applause
independence's orderly diagram approach works out really well =o
Agreed. It was a great contest Peterssidan. Definitely different! Congratulations to all of the winners. Cool
OK, I had a really good laugh reading through all of those. Laughing Big thanks to all the contestants, painters (seriously, some of you guys are amazing) and decoders alike. Also, I'm glad that my attempt at drawing a mummy wasn't completely futile. Razz

Thanks, Peterssidan, for the great competition.
Thanks, it was a great competition. Very Happy

I'm happy that many people decoded my drawing fairly accurately. Very Happy On hindsight, I should probably have avoided the one-eye thing and made the catching more obvious. Now that I think about it, it does look like the cat is attacking the monster.
Got 5 points ;(
But thats not a problem.Because i had participated in the contest Wink

Congratulations to all of the winners. Very Happy
My drawing involved mostly symbols

Green stink lines

Rice: Who doesn't know the japanese symbol for rice
I couldn't draw rice in a bowl/plate/field, it would look like everything that could be in a bowl/plate/field

Pain: Old school comic symbol
And the face kinda conveys pain

And since I couldn't think of how to draw or convey the word "cause", I used the math symbol ~ to try to convey "approximately 14 seconds in the future", enough time for a headache to develop from the stench I guess.
This was a fun contest.

Thanks Peterssidan
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