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PC cuts off randomly - This is what I have tried...

Thought I would list what I have tried so I don't waste your time.
Acer Aspire AG3760 desktop
Windows vista home basic
I've given everywhere a good dusting
Just cleaned and re-applied thermal paste-not too much ; )
Checked every plug is fully connected
Re-seated the stick of RAM in second socket to eliminate that.
Tried a second monitor
Booted up without any monitor to eliminate monitor cable
Had a deskfan blowing into it in case fans weren't strong enough
Nothing else connected except kb and mouse.

It goes off anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes. I hear a click inside tower and monitor shows ' No signal'. Tower still lit, fans still running although little drive light at front stops. As near as I can make out the click seems to be from the hard drive.
Hope this makes sense guys as I'm at my wits end.
Nearly forgot, I even managed to restore factory settings so I know it isn't a virus either.
I would also check the hard drive. See if Acer provides any diagnostic tools on their site.
If they don't you could allways try to boot from a linux live cd.
You could try HD Tune -
Sounds more like the power supply unit to me. You done any upgrades that may have made the PSU insufficient. When you reapplied the thermal paste did you see any heat marks anywhere? Did you actually lift the mobo off to do it?

My other suggestion would be to look at what your components (check CPU + GPU + mobo first) are supposed to run at. Maximum operating temperature, etc, then compare it to what it temperature it is where idle with something like open hardware monitor.
problem will be of thermo paste which is used between heat sink fan and processor to keep processor cool.
use thermo paste over the processor and ur system will be up agan
I assume it appears to run normally until it quits. Anything unusual could be a clue, but heat or power supply seem likely explanations.

Have you tried leaving the bios screen open? Some systems can measure the cpu temperature there; if it quits while just showing that screen or if the cpu temperature gets high that would point to a fundamental problem. You could consider disconnecting the hard drive and/or the gpu (if you have a built-in video connector you can use in place of the added one).

If it passes the "just bios" test, I would consider running the memtest+ program. That will pretty well exercise the machine, but will not push it to the limit. There are other diagnostic programs such as cpu-z which are more demanding.
Since there is a click then the monitor turns off then says no signal, makes me wonder if its your video card. If not, then I would think its your power supply. I was thinking that it was over heating too, but not after 2-20 minutes.

See if you can put in a different video card or a different power supply if you have another computer around.
Could be a faulty power supply! Did you check the motherboard capacitors?
Download prime95 and run it, it will load the cpu to 100% and make it to consume a lot of power.
Also it detects faults in the CPU by checking the results of the math calcs.
If it powers off, hangs or causes any error shortly after running the test then you cans suspect about the power supply or the motherboard.
A bad RAM or HDD would cause reboot or a hang, but not a power-off
I agree with some of the people here. It is your PSU. It is not pumping enough power for your GPU and system. If you can get your hands on another with a higher wattage, test the theory. RAM issues would usually cause a BSoD.
Have you tried re-seating the RAM modules? That has caused many reboots on different systems for me.
Just change your PSU and everything would be fine.
PSU's tends to overheat and cut by getting old
pc auto shutdown immedit

solve :

the cpu Rising temperature 60-70c try to check the fan or put Pies cooling on the cpu and try again this will solve your problem

The Syrian
It's probably your psu, try to find one that actually can handle your hardware. It's a pain to find that you power supply unit cause 25% of PC troubles.
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