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Do you have a formula for time-efficiency in your tasks?

I have much to do and little time to achieve it all. University, personal projects and music classes take all of my time and even more, so I have had to postpone lots of things to manage others. What do you do to be able to use all of your time efficiently and be able to do everything?
For me, I've found that location makes a huge difference. I tend to become very distracted and unmotivated at home. On the other hand, working at a library or coffee shop is motivating when you see other people working away and there tends to be less distractions.

There are a lot of things to be done at home, but working elsewhere forces you to work on what you need to work on.
You never will be able to do everything, it probably helps a lot to become aware of that and set priorities.

It might help to really schedule time slots for certain projects or other things to do. I you are unable to schedule those time slots you apparently have too much on your plate; time to go back then, look at your priorities and simply throw certain things off your plate.
I just make sure that I keep a good schedule and stick to it. It doesn't really work though because I often don't follow through with it.
I read this somewhere, but it works for me. It goes like this:

"The best way to do many things in a short time is to do one thing at a time."
I get projects in. Then someone will want to jump in with a "I need it NOW!" project forcing me to decide if they truly need it now, if yes, re-prioritize other projects schedules to accommodate. I don't sleep much so that helps too!
I work like Standready. I always have a list of priorities, and if they become too many for my head, I write them down. Like for example yesterday was the last day before our long Eid holiday of a week. this holiday, as most of these holidays do, comes at a bad time from a priorities point of view, taking time away that has to be compensated for. So yesterday before I left I made a huge list of priorities, particularly the first ones I have to concentrate on when I'm back at work after the holidays. I usually work on more than one priority at a time and I already have a picture in my head of tackling them. Visualization of actually doing them at a certain time and place helps too. So when I return after my week's holiday away, the moment I see the list, all of the visualization and planning of tackling the priorities will come back to me. Including the energy and fire of demolishing them. That's how I work any way. Most of the time, with lots of passion and engaging every one in the process. The more one shares the "doing" of the tasks, in getting others involved, the stronger the momentum of completing them. Like I usually tell my boss what needs to be done and doing it, giving him a schedule of sorts for the day, which is a plan of a kind as well. Just the bare bones, without the details. And then see it through. By sharing it with him, that motivates me too to do it. I know it motivates him too. Nothing as powerful as lots of energy of different people combining their thoughts.
I generally schedule my works on priority basis. Everyday I list up the works to be done for today based on priority and time. Then I try to follow that schedule. It not that I can always manage that because it is not always possible to know all the To Do task in advance, however it gives me a rough idea of what to do next. Most of the tasks are routine type and is divided into two categories, official and unofficial.
a motivation can be that everybody don't think you can do it...
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