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Need help menu is behind flash player

I cant get my menu to stay on top of everything on all pages. In my games & arcade section my menu goes behind the flash games, this causes a problem cause when your logged into my site you cant get to your full "login" menu and once other menu items are longer they will also go behind my flash games.

How can i get my menu items to always be on top?
it only seems to be the case in Firefox, chrome is ok.
try setting the Zindex of something
I don't know why your menu doesn't show up above the flash. I tested a few things with Firebug and noticed that if I set the background color of the dropdown columns1 div it showed above the flash. This doesn't make much sense and I'm not sure if this is just a glitch when using Firebug. The only way to explain this I can think of is that when the div is made visible it doesn't have any visible content actually overlapping the flash so maybe there is some buggy optimization that places it below the flash.
There is nothing wrong at all and flash is being rendered as supposed to be.


wmode - Possible values: window, direct, opaque, transparent, gpu. Sets the Window Mode property of the SWF file for transparency, layering, positioning, and rendering in the browser. If this attribute is omitted, the default value is "window". For more information, see Using Window Mode (wmode) values below.

window - The SWF content plays in its own rectangle ("window") on a web page. The browser determines how the SWF content is layered against other HTML elements. With this value, you cannot explicitly specify if SWF content appears above or below other HTML elements on the page.

Window wmode doesn't support layering. Some browsers now provide layering for that wmode like chrome on mac, safari and even firefox on mac but that wmode by definition doesn't support layering.

Changing wmode to opaque or transparent would allow layering on all browsers but sacrifying performance.

Source on the subject
just read everything about wmode. The table almost at the bottom of that page is very enlightening too.
So you mean it is just luck that hovering the share button happens to show a menu on top of the flash correctly?
Peterssidan wrote:
So you mean it is just luck that hovering the share button happens to show a menu on top of the flash correctly?

It is not luck.

If you need mandatory control over layering you have to use wmode=opaque or wmode=transparent sacrifying performance of flash.

With wmode=window is the browser that controls the layering and a lot of times it will decide to put flash content over everything else even layers with higher z-index.

It is true that on last firefox for windows adding a background to the div layer that contains the login makes that layer be rendered over flash because that version of firefox decides so. And it is the browser that decides that as you can figure out just by adding the background and a very low z-index -999999999 to that layer. Though you are asking the browser to put that layer behind flash it has decided to put the layer on top because of the background property and won't change its mind. It ignores the z-index.

Another test you can do is just using a background with some alpha.

background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6)

In this case firefox decides to render the layer behind flash.

You have no control over layering with wmode=window. You can't be sure with that background property is going to be the same on other browsers not even on older versions of firefox.
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