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how i get coins?

I have points, but no coins!, how can i get coins?
when you spam the forum and get more than 45 points, your excessive points (above 45) will be converted to coins.
To get Coins you need to earn more than 50 points per day. I'm not sure how it works but seems you can get coins for like next 25 points you earn after your 50 point mark.
Phpaddict wrote:
I have points, but no coins!, how can i get coins?
Make enough posts to get more than 45 points. You only earn coins for the points you earn in excess of 45 points every day. Coins are calculated at the end of every day.

Here's Bondings' calculation for how the points are earned:

A lot of people are wondering what those mysterious new Coins are. I guess the time has finally come to explain it a bit more in detail.

Coins are the new currency on Frihost, next to the points and the Frih$.

The points were used for the minimum activity required for a hosting account and had a maximum of 45. If you had more than 45 points and where hosted, your points were reset to 45 every day. The extra points simply disappeared.

The Coins are used to give those disappeared points a meaning. Instead of the points disappearing, they are now converted to Coins. Since not-hosted members might also need Coins, the process is the same for them too.

At the moment the Coins are calculated as (points above 45)^0.6 . However, this formula may change. The more points you have above 45, the more Coins you'll get at the end of the day. But if you spread them more even over several days, you'll get more Coins for the same amount of posts. This should discourage sudden bursts of posts and encourage regular posting.

Source: Bondings Official Blog - Coins
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