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Inception movie ends in dream or reality??

I think movie ends (turn into black) just before the ring was about to stop to spin. What do you think of it. Inception is that movie which make me think most after watching.
i don't think the actual answer to that question should ever be answered. the whole point of the way the final scene was setup was for the purpose of hooking the audience into asking that question, keeping the movie in the memory and in turn makes the viewer enjoy the movie more than if the final scene wasn't as so. this is the way it usually works anyway.
That is one of the reason i love Christopher Nolan's movies. Smile
I still think it ends in reality. Because you can see the kids from the different angle. Cobb used to see them always from the same angle, no extra angles were shown. May sound a bit odd, but this is one of the reasons I think it does end in reality.
I think Breaking Bad had more of a ****** ending than Inception did, I didn't get the hype over it o.0
This movies lefts it to you to whether decide it ends in reality or in dream, this is the main Goal of the movie to show that leaving too much in dreams can really cause serious problem for people. Now it is completely up to you to decide what happens in the end.
I think that the ending is left ambiguous for a reason. But I think people are missing the main point, which is that Leonardo DiCaprio's character doesn't want to look at the spinning top to see whether or not he's in a dream world. He'd much rather be with his kids and enjoying what he perceives to be the real world, regardless of whether it is real or not. This shows a growth in character from the past when he would center everything around whether or not the world he is in is real or not. He's learned to just be with his kids and enjoy the moment.
For me is real. Though movie was created to let us doubting

You might want to take a look at this video - it goes pretty deep, and throws up interesting points.
I just read this somewhere and even the people behind the movie have confirmed it.

In the dream, Leonardo DiCaprio wears a wedding ring because his wife is alive in it.
In reality, he does not wear his wedding ring because his wife is dead.
At the end scene, he is seen without a ring. That means that it is reality.

But I did not notice this. I just read this at reddit.
IMHO, it's just a trick of the director: at the end of Inception, excluding that scene, I got the clear impression that we were in reality.
This is basically Christopher Nolan's artsy acid trip.
I watched this movie yesterday and I didn't notice that they could even suggest it was still a dream lol...
actually I was dissapointed about a pretty good ending, but was ok for make a difference... and now I read that...
surajkrstha wrote:
I think movie ends (turn into black) just before the ring was about to stop to spin. What do you think of it. Inception is that movie which make me think most after watching.

Its just a dream on a dream on a dream Very Happy

I find it entertaining.
Does it really matters? That is a reason why it is a so cool movie.
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