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What layout and colors should I use?

I have already done some plans for a website that I want to write. It will just be some kind of index of all the information available to the students of my major in the university. I have some alternatives, one of which is the following:

The colors will, of course, change. I thought of this because I want to create some sections in the left (Contact, books, homework and other categories) and in the right I want to put subcategories (books on this subject and that, same for homework, there wouldn't be any for contact or the about page). But perhaps the main menu could be just down the main banner (like on Google+, which has a banner for the logo, search bar, photo and other stuff, and then has a parallel darker banner with a menu to your circles (All, Family, Friends, etc.). I could then do the subcategories on the left menu, or on the right menu and leave the left side of the page blank.

Then, the logo of my school is usually blue, though I could change it. So it could be blue background with white logo or blue logo and white background (which I think will be more preferable, though I can't be sure). Then I could do the second parallel bar of a darker tone (if white, grey, and if blue, perhaps a lighter tone of blue or grey). And if I don't do the parallel menu but both on the sides, I don't have any idea what color to make them. They could be white, there could be a grey space between menu and content, and the content would be white. The banner would be grey as well.

I mean, I have lots of ideas but I'm not really knowledgeable in terms of design and aesthetics, so if you could give me a hand here, I would greatly appreciate it (I think I good with HTML and CSS, so that wouldn't be a problem).
according to the draft, i could not imagine on your template if you possible add more feature i would better comment on your site. As i know, the background less attract than content.

Anyway,try to go www.sixrevision >>>> css and read some inspiration articles. might be help on your style sheet.[/url]
hmm, it is always your taste which matters

developing my projects, i am always using these 3 tools which proved themselves very helpful:

there is always colorlovers too [/url]
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