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CPU Whining

My CPU out of the blue has started whining noises. Like the sound of Canadian geese trumpeting, but continuously. Wonder whether that's the fan or something? The computer has been around since 2008. And it's actually overdue for a replacement too. Probably should take it to work tomorrow so our IT genius could have a quick look inside. Darn! I love my computer and I like Windows XP. Was hoping it's going to last to its scheduled expiry in April next year.
Do you actually mean the CPU (likely its fan, not the CPU itself), or more generally common, erroneous use of CPU to refer to the entire computer tower?

If the former, yeah, it's likely the CPU fan; when was the last time it was cleaned?

If the latter, it could still be the CPU fan... or could be a fan in the power supply, or one one the case... or could be one of your disk drives.

A CPU or case fan should be a simple fix; clean it, or if necessary, replace it.
Power supply fan will likely require a new power supply; you don't want to go messing around in those.
If it's a disk drive, it will likely need to be replaced; in either case, back up your data Wink

It's a good idea to periodically open up your case and give it a clean and hit the CPU fan and heat sink with some compressed air to dislodge dust that's built up. It's not that hard, and there are likely several tutorials on YouTube to show you what to be careful around.
Thanks Ankhanu. You're right. It's the CPU Fan, Last time I cleaned it was five years ago. Razz

Probably should open it this weekend and clean it . The whining has stopped though. But maybe that was a warning.
Yeah you really should clean your machine out every couple of months mate, it is *most likely* a fan. Some are standard sizes and cheap as hell to replace but with something like a CPU fan you have to be careful, you should check your CPU model and what it's maximum operating temperature is... get open hardware monitor and compare it to the official figures if it idles near or at max you have a problem that you really don't want to leave for very long.

I hear ya on the XP thing I recently hit a few brick walls with it though, alongside suspecting motherboard was fried I moved my machine that was still running XP to 7 and rebuilt it. If it actually turns out to be a case fan just replace it (anyone can do it), CPU coolers bit harder sometimes and depending on how good your machine was at the time you may want to upgrade the CPU when you do it (could be burnt out already if the factory fan is screwed).
It stopped whining and is back to its gentle whirring. I probably should still clean it though. Darn I'm a lazy person. Razz
If the noise returns you should also consider adding some electric-motor/machine oil to the fans before replacing them. Over time the oils can leak out and it can't spin as easily.

Some example videos of how to do that.
Its definitely the cpu fan or another fan within the case. If its that old, it is most likely going to fail soon.
If you plan to keep that pc longer, I would replace the fan asap.
@jmraker and mattk, I don't want to be an a** but Dean had already cleared the trouble by cleaning out his fan.
Good job (y); i would've said it before but since he mentionned it...
just don't be lazy enought to make ur cpu overheat next time; old PCs aren't that sophisticated as u may know.
you can just dammage your processor; take care
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