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Which kind of board do u like??

I know and had been used three kind of popular boards but the one i luvz still is phpbb. And u?? Smile
I like phpBB and vBulletin forum very much but too bad vBulletin it not free Sad
I had used VB forum but i dont like it cause the database has alot of table. Phpbb is the king because it had a huge of mod and extremely beauty skin Smile
ipb. I strongly dislike phpbb and Vb. mainly phpbb put thats personal Twisted Evil
Phpbb, reason: there's a lot of mod's out, it's very easy to use and I like the templates, I love vbullitins features but kind of feels bloated but is a lot more secure, invasion looks a bit dull to me.
ipb and vb

but for free ones.. i choose smf 'coz it's great although it still adapts the old yabb interface... and of course i also like mybb coz the feature are almost like on vb... it's great for people who can't afford a vb license. unfortunately, there are only a few mods and themes available
I like Invison Free. They Provide great resources - i think more than anyone else. Plus they certify in security and also design can be changed quite easily
i like phpbb , free and highly customizable.
Texas Al
I don't know much about BBSes but I use SimpleBoard because it's a Mambo plugin so I can share the same account database with mambo, and it has other nice integration features.

My second favorite BBS is whatever the default one is that's built into TikiWiki.

Neither of them will win any awards, but as I see it, they're glorified email lists anyway. As long as they can take people's posts and show them on the screen in something approximating threads, I'm happy.

Although, it is nice that TikiWii's BBS can send and recieve emails so you can have a gateway to the users who refuse to use a web browser for their posts (dunno why, but they're insist on using email).
Bum Star
I use IPB.
Very many mod's and templates/skins.

Some time's i use vbulletin.
It working nice.

I dont like phpbb.
To ugly skins.
I personally found phpBB the best at first. But that was before I found out about SMF. At first when I checked out SMF, the main forum looked really shabby so I ignored it. But when I was using phpBB and I got bemuddled in adding mods, I got desperate and looked again to SMF. too my delight the features were easy to use and adding mods was easy as well.
IPB and vb
i know that VB it not free but i very enjoin when i send posts
in my forum
it IPB
Invisioninvisioninvision invision.
Seriously. It's really good.
I like Mybb, its very nice and very easy instaling plungin. But Theme avaible little Confused Also Version upgrade very very easy.
Personally, I'd prefer SMF because it has better user interface than phpbb. I've also grown tired of how phpbb looks like. But I love Vbulletin, too bad its just not free.
Ryan Marcus
SMF all the way... The vast number of mods and themes for it surpass all others. The powerful and easy backend is great to work with from a development side.

The main reason I use SMF is for the RSS feeds. Smile
i like invision free...
Before you start the thread about what BB is best, there is one topic that needs to be discussed first.

"Does my web site really need a forum?"

If your site has no content, and no purpose, then you don't need a message board. Putting one up with 30 sub boards and begging people to join is foolish.

Stop me if I am wrong, but search Frihost for "join my forums" and see how many empty discussion boards are around.

(We need to expand on this topic a little)
i like mybb, which u can see here: i don't know why, but i like mybb much better than phpbb, and invision costs 300 bucks, and with my annual income of $0, it would be kinda hard to finance
i prefer ipb, clean, very customisable, quick to use, although it lacks a few things i wouldnt mind it having!

vbb always seems fast to me though. If i could (, i'd probably give it a try on my site!
I use vBulletin. By far the best imo.
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