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International Brands. How has this affected you?

I used to like Subway when I lived in Canada and enjoy it now that I'm back in England. England does not do Dairy Queen so I lost over a stone in weight when I came back to the UK.

What international brands have you missed on your travels? and does this affect where you like to live?
I also enjoyed Dairy Queen in Vancouver, BC and missed it in the UAE. But noticed they've started up their first Franchise in Dubai. Although the franchises here don't always seem to be the same. Like Chilli's here in the UAE can't make nachos or quesadilla to save their lives. It's like rubber dough with specs of cheese on it for the quesadilla and the nachos are like cheap chips with rubber cheese. AND very expensive as well.

But yes, I missed Dairy Queen. I also missed the White Spot and Dennys - your diner type places with home cooked meals.

I find that in the end my taste buds went through a complete change. I'm much for curries and Lebanese food instead. Came as a surprise to me when I returned for a holiday in Vancouver, BC in August I didn't visit the places I used to frequent so much before I moved to the Middle East. I first started with Japanese restaurants as they seem to be the fashion these days in Vancouver, then found the food too salty and not really to my taste. Then by design found myself gravitating to organics stores like Capers and Choices Market like going for whole grilled free range chickens and lots of salads that I portioned over two or three days. That really surprised me in myself.
I like international brands in as much as they 'usually' offer the same exact product you expect wherever you are in the world. I say usually as I did notice the Halal menu and chicken-rice-soup offering in Malaysia McD's some years ago, didn't try it though.

I'm disheartened by international brands for the growing homogeneous feel they create in city & town centres.
Regarding food alone, my small seaside town has 2x McDonalds, 3x Subways, KFC, Burger King, Dominos Pizza, 2x Pizza Huts, and Ben & Jerrys.
I'll probably shed a tear if a Starbucks ever makes it here, but the major UK coffee chains have sewn the main streets up with 2x Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero, Coffee1, and Coffee Republic, so it may be a while.

Thankfully there are still many independent bars, cafes and restaurants here offering their own unique menus and environments, so local choice is still surviving under the glare of corporate brands.
I still prefer to pay the couple of £'s extra for fried Cod in batter with real chips (French fries cut from actual potatoes, not processed in a machine and perfecly shaped) from a local independent 'Chippy' near my home.
...I have to admit though, if I'm passing and feeling greedy I can occasionally be seen buying a £0.99 dirt burger from McGreasy's - Power of b̶r̶a̶i̶n̶w̶a̶s̶h̶i̶ advertising I guess Embarassed
Out of the coffee places in the UK I rather like Cafe Nero. Again, they have one near where I live, but not a patch on the real thing and frightfully expensive. We're paying more for the brand than the actual product down here. Second Cup is quite good around the UAE however, and Starbucks is enormously popular. I've never liked Starbucks coffee though. Has always tasted like burnt coffee beans to me. Razz
i live in the united states of america, where international brands are most popular. it's almost rare to see local brands and local shops. since it's such a norm here in the united states of america, i'm used to it, and have no negative feelings about international brands.

aside from the naughty ones. like walmart and mcdonalds. but that's another topic for another time. Smile
Hmm yes I'm ashamed to say I like Walmart. Interestingly Walmart is called ASDA in the uk but the clothese and shoe products suck compared to North America...
yeah i've heard Walmart is under a different name in the United Kingdom, I however did not hear that some of their products is of better quality than Walmarts here in the United States of America. When and if I do ever make a trip out to the UK (which it is something I most definitely want to do... hopefully more sooner than later), I'll have to check that out and speculate for myself. Very Happy
An interesting name is Marks and Spencers, which go under the name of Woolworths in South Africa. Woolworths is actually an improvement over Marks and Spencers. The South Africans have perfected the food market of Marks and Spencers creating mini markets all over South Africa, particularly around airports as well.
DH that's interesting. Woolworths was a company that used to exist everywhere on the British high street. I see M&S must have hijacked it for some reason Or is it really Woolworths. Woolworths in the UK went out of business about 5 years ago.
I was interested in the Woolworths/Marks & Spencer thing as well, turns out:
The M&S family connections go back many decades. M&S does have an agreement to provide services to Woolworths such as product knowledge etc. If we can learn from them or them from us, then we do. Sir Stuart Rose is now a non-executive director of Woolworths South Africa.

Wiki version:
Woolworths Holdings Limited is a South African chain of retail stores and one of the largest in the country, modeled on Marks & Spencer of the United Kingdom. This relationship with Britain's Marks and Spencer was formed after the Second World War, which led to the retailer buying all of the unissued share capital of Woolworths in 1947. These shares were later sold, but close ties still remain.
The chain was named after the United States chain F. W. Woolworth Company but, because of the contemporary trademark laws, the name was legally used without permission. No financial connection ever existed between the companies.

I learned something new at least Wink
That's impressive Watersoul. I thought I knew something, but learned something more.

You probably know about "Woolies" in the UK, a completely different chain, that got exported to Canada and the US:
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